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crop cart

I'm building a crop cart also know as Asparagus Harvester. You can find them on You Tube, it has two electric motors to drive and for steering with foot controls. I am going to need: motors, controls, foot throttles, wheel assemblies with sprockets, breaks and axles. Knobby tire, as it will be used in a garden application. I am looking for your expertise in compatibility with everything. The motor used needs to go 0 - 10 mph. I would like to have the motor mounting plates as well.

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Most of the Razor Pocket Rocket rear wheels have been discontinued and sold out however there is still a good supply of the version 3-6 rear wheels. I just checked and we are currently out of them but will be getting more back in stock in around one or two weeks. SPR-42034 has the same mounting pattern and can be traded for the original sprocket on the Pocket Rocket wheel.

We can not get sprockets for #420 chain for the 24 Volt gear motors, only bicycle chain sprockets are available for them. I think that using the 36 Volt 600 Watt gear motor would be a better choice than the 24 Volt motors though because you are building an industrial machine so a large and overpowered motor would provide the best power and reliability for it.

Can you make me a kit with 2- SPR42034, 2- 36V 600W gear motors, 2- rear Razor Pocket Rocket wheels, 3- batteries, drive chain, and wiring with a twist control?

Yes I can make that kit. I just need to ask a few questions to figure out which parts to include first;

What size batteries (Ah rating or item number) you would like included with the kit?
How long would you like each of the chains to be?
Which twist throttle would you like included with the kit?

We have twist throttles with built in 36 Volt battery power meters and on/off switches or key switches if you would like for the power switch to be integral with the throttle. Or the power switch could be separate from the throttle if you prefer. Our throttles for 36 Volt systems are on this page:

If you have any questions about battery size and ride time, or throttles, or anything else then please let us know.

I would like this throttle if it has an on/off switch. Standard Full Length Twist Throttle With 36V LED Meter (THR-48) have an on/off switch?  I don't need a key.

I was thinking at least 50AH batteries.  I will need a charger also.  Maybe 12 Volt 55 Ah/Amp hour 22NF Electric Scooter Battery .

Do you think 100 inches of chain per motor is about right?  That would be 200 inches total.

THR-48 does not have an on/off switch. I checked and the only twist throttle with 36 Volt power meter and non-key on/off switch we have is THR-74 which is a half twist throttle. Half twist throttles are very easy to use though because if you simply hold your hand between the the half twist throttle and grip that is next to it the throttle will stay in one place and act as a sort of cruise control. Half twist throttles are also safer because if the end of the handlebar is leaned on the throttle will not twist and set the vehicle into motion unintentionally.

50Ah or 55Ah batteries are a great choice for a long ride time and we have battery chargers that will recharge them overnight.

I am not sure how far apart the motors and wheels will be so I am not able to calculate the exact chain length that is needed. It is always best to get more chain than you need and cut it down to size though because determining the exact amount needed without placing the chain between the sprockets is not easy to do. We have a chain length calculator that can help determine how much chain is needed at this link:

When using the chain length calculator I still recommend getting more chain than is needed though so it can be cut down to the exact size that is needed. We have chain breakers for #420 chain if needed.

Do you think that the THR-74 throttle would work for the project, or maybe a different one?

THR-74 sounds best.  I need 54" of chain, for each motor, so probably the 10-foot bulk pack will work for me.  Please include the chain breaker and 3 master links and 3 half links.

I have got the kit made. It is our item # KIT-157 and here is the link to it:

If you would like any changes made to the kit or would like to add any other parts to it then please let us know.



Do you think the axles on the razor wheels are strong enough for this much load?  I might need to order some different wheels with stronger axle from an agricultural supplier.

Now that you mention the wheels I just realized that I forgot to add them to the kit.

It looks like the cart will have a total weight with driver and load of around 500 pounds. With four wheels that equates to 125 pounds per wheel average load. The Razor Pocket Rocket rear wheels will be able to handle this much weight with no problem as it is really not a lot of weight per wheel. They have thick 4-ply tires which will not even bulge under that light of a load.

Would you like for me to add two of the Pocket Rocket rear wheels onto the kit?

The majority of the weight of the operator and the cart will be on the drive wheels, it will be more like 200 lb per wheel.  If you think that is acceptable, then please add 2 rear wheels to the kit.

I believe that 200 pounds per wheel will be acceptable. They are heavy duty wheels with thick 4-ply tires. Most of the weight of the pocket bike they were originally made for is on the rear wheels so they are designed for that type of load.

I added the two Razor Pocket Rocket rear wheels to KIT-157 and here is the link to it:

If you would like any changes made to the kit or have any questions then please let us know.

I purchased this kit from you for building a harvest cart. Thank you for the helpful products.  I am thinking about changing my design, so the handlebar twist-type throttle control is not going to work for me.  Do you have a controller and control box that would allow for forward/reverse?  I am using the 36 Volt 600 Watt Electric Scooter Gear Motor (MOT-36600G) for drive power.

We have a switch that can be wired between the existing controller and the motor that will allow forward and reverse operation of the motor. It is our item # SWT-715 which is available on this page:

In a few weeks we will also be getting a new item - motor reversing relays that will allow forward and reverse. These relays can be controlled with a small switch to make installation and operation easier than with a SWT-715, however they will cost around $50 more than SWT-715 does.

I can let you know when these reverse relays are in stock if you would like.

Do you have any other type of throttle than the twist type?  I was wondering about a push-type lever maybe?

I was looking at your reverse switches, and understand that I would need a reverse switch for each motor.  Is that correct since I have 2 600 watt motors?

I also see you have a 36V controller that can handle 2000 W.  Do you think I could use Item # SPD-362000 to control both of my motors, and then have just 1 reverse switch for it?  Could you send me the wiring connectors the wire both motors to the controller?

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