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Remove kickstart (push to start) safety feature on E100 and E175 Razor electric scooter


I was just given an E100 and an E175 Razor scooter. My son is admittedly a little young for it still but I'd like to make it a little easier to ride for him. He's very used to non-powered scooters so he's got the balance part down. I'd like to remove the minimum speed requirement before the throttle engages. What parts would need to be replaced or modified to make it start moving from a stand still? 

I've found one other post on this forum that mentioned replacing the controller. I believe he was trying to remove the kickstart feature and give it a variable speed control though.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

The scooter's original throttle will not work with the SPD-24250B controller so a THR-35 or similar throttle will need to be installed along with the new controller.

Razor made many different versions of the 100 series electric scooters so there are many different wiring configurations for them. I could make a wiring diagram showing how to install the SPD-24500B controller if I knew what model and version it was being installed into. Do you happen to know what model (E100, E125, E150, etc.) and version (5, 9, 13, 32, etc.) the scooter is?

It is E175, as far as the version I wouldn't know. Perhaps attached pictures will help.
(1.41 MB)
(1.42 MB)
(1.15 MB)
And another question, what engine sprocket will work with #219 chain? Thank you
Thanks for replying to this topic again and bringing it back to the top where we can see it.

We do not carry motor or wheel sprockets for #219 chain. All of the sprocket sizes that we carry can be viewed on this page:

I looked at the attached photos and according to the scooter's identification label it is a version 45.

Looking at the E175 V19 and up wiring diagrams I notice that is is wired quite differently from the E100 and E125 scooters so a SPD-24250A controller would be much easier to install on it than a SPD-24250B controller because it has white plastic connectors for the battery and motor instead of bullet connectors.

We now have a kit that upgrades the E175 version 19+ scooter to have variable speed throttle and controller. It is our item # KIT-RAZ21 and here is the link to it:

If you would like to install the SPD-24250A controller without the kit then please let me know the item number of the throttle you would like to use with it and then I can make wiring directions of how to wire them to the E175 V19+ and post it here.
That is awesome. The new upgEase kit is plug and play? And as far as charging, nothing changes? Can I use my existing throttle from e175 with new controller SPD-24250A? Thank you.

KIT-RAZ21 is 100% plug-and-play with the Razor E175 version 19 and up. When KIT-RAZ21 is installed nothing changes with the charging system and it works exactly as it did before the upgrade.

The scooter's original throttle will not work with the SPD-24250A controller because it is a single speed throttle and the controller is a variable speed.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

And to make it clear to myself, with this kit it will eliminate push to start option and scooter will start moving as soon as you twist the throttle? Just want to be sure)
Yes KIT-RAZ21 will eliminate the push-to-start feature of the scooter and once it is installed then the scooter will start moving as soon as you twist the throttle. This is what we call twist-and-go.

KIT-RAZ21 removes the push-to-start (PTS) function and makes the scooter twist-and-go (TAG).

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Perfect. That'll work just fine for my project I'm working on.
(1.42 MB)

Thank you very much for all your help. Will keep you posted if I'll need help again

Hello i have a e 200 razer and it doesnt have a kickstart and i was wondering if there was any way i could make it faster?
Krash, need some more photo's of that kart! I'm currently building one for my 4 year old daughter using the motor and electrics from an E100 I picked up cheap.

ESP thank you for your help, works like a charm. Includes some pictures of the wiring. Kenny, Thank for interest in go kart, although I warn you I have never build one before nor do I know how to. It was trial and error but I love the way it turned out. Same here I used razor E175 guts with ESPs new plug and play KIT-RAZ21 with variable speed, works great. I have included some pictures, let me know if you have any questions

(2.73 MB)
(2.25 MB)
(1.08 MB)
(1.05 MB)
(2.56 MB)
(3.48 MB)
(1.18 MB)

Couple more

(2.58 MB)
(2.41 MB)
(2.33 MB)
And video of KIT-RAZ21 operating

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