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My batteries full charged my scooter is good for 14 kilometres instead of the usual 50 to 70 kilometres


I have a 4 years 48 volts (4 batteries of acid / lead of 12 volts each, I don't know the amperage) Gio electric scooter.

Since few months, my batteries full charged (53 to 56 volts: 3 full blocks on the screen), I can only make 14 kilometres instead of the usual 50 to 70 kilometres. It's like there's almost no current left. However, the voltage of my batteries is 46 volts (two blocks on the screen) and the lights, the turn signals, the horn and the screen light work.

I proceed several test and all the results are like this:
fully charged : 51.38 v (that's now the full charge level: I don't know if this is normal)
motor running 20 sec : 50.00 v
after motor is stopped the voltage comes back slowly to 51.28 v.

Is the next step to test the controller or so? If yes do you have an how to do guide?

How do I find the problem myself? I have a multi-meter.

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If  I don't say that the scooter will probably run for only 14 kilometres, the buyer might find himself without power in the middle of his way. I cannot do that. To me it is lying. Thanks Jamie.

As per my view as your battery is for 4 years then it will better but maybe it is dead you may have to replace a new battery for it. The better solution will get from the service provider. I have a hoverboard for 2 years & some problem occurs in it, so I contacted to the service provider in online store. They solved it in few some days & now it properly works. 

Thanks Ryan, but I sold the scooter. So, I hope that the batteries were the problems, if no the buyers will think I lied to him. My vendor told me he was sure that the problem was due to bad batteries.

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