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Another beach cart project

I'm looking to finish my 24v beach cart project. I would like to build this cart extra heavy duty. I have already some parts, but i would like to see if you could guide me in the right direction. I would like for the cart to be able to move 400lbs in beach sand with some incline as you might find at a beach. I have 15 x 6.50 wheels that will be used. I would like to go with a belt instead of chain because of the beach sand. I would need to know what wattage motor, motor controller, throttle and what amp hr batteries I would need? Thank you for your assistance.

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The only thing I would like removed from the kit would be the batteries. If you can go ahead and revise this kit I will place my order. Thanks
I revised the kit so it does not include batteries. I made two kit revisions one with 1/4" wide push-on battery harness terminals, and the other with 1/4" ID ring terminal battery harness terminals. Here are the links to them:

With 1/4" push-on terminals:
I would prefer the ring terminals. Can you also add LEV-20R to the 1/4" ring terminal kit. Thanks
Sure that is no problem at all. Here is the kit with 1/4" ring terminals including an LEV-20R brake lever:

If you think of any other changes that you would like made to the kit then please let us know.

Please let us know if you have any questions
I started looking at the parts from the kit I ordered for the beach cart. I have a question. On the relay block I have 2 connectors that are labeled motor, and only one at the motor. I'm unsure how to wire this. I would think if this is the location that the reversing of polarity would be taking place then you would have wired them together before sending them to me. I don't mind doing it, but I just wanted to make sure it's wired correctly.

The relay block's two larger connectors go to the motor and controller. These two connectors are different from each other so one of them will only plug into the motor, and the other will only plug into the controller.

The controller should have a connector labeled 'motor' and the motor should have a connector labeled 'motor'. These would be the two 'motor' connectors that the relay block connectors plug into.

If any of these labels are missing then please let us know so we can offer further assistance with the connections.

Please let us know if you have any question.

Thank you for your previous reply. I wired everything to do a bench test before installing all on the cart. I only have (1) 12v battery to use for bench test. For some reason I am not getting any response from the motor or even the lights on the throttle. Will the system not notice any voltage unless 36 volts are connected? I was under the assumption that it would just operate at about 1/3 capacity. The only two connectors on the controller that dont have anything connected is the charger port and the brake light. Do you have any ideas on things I could try?
I now have 24v attached to the system and the light on the throttle comes on saying empty, and the motor still does not move when the throttle is being actuated. I have 4.2v on the red wire for throttle and 22v on meter wire. When the throttle is actuated no volts are being sent to the motor. How can 22v be considered "empty" on a 36v system.I would have thought when the cart is being used the voltage would drop to +- 24 volts on a daily basis until it gets charged. Again let me know if this makes sense to you.
These type of controllers have a low-Voltage protection system built into them to keep the battery pack from being over-discharged. This protects the battery pack from being discharged too much which would damage it and lower its lifespan.

On a 36 Volt controller the low-Voltage protection circuit kicks in at around 31 Volts. So the controller needs to see at least 32 Volts from the battery pack in order for it to run the motor.

Once the battery pack's Voltage has been discharged by 30% then it is no longer safe to use without the risk of damaging it. The controller shuts down power to the motor at this point so you do not have to worry about that though. The battery pack's current output will be significantly diminished by the time it reaches a 30% Voltage discharge and the vehicle will run sluggishly at that point.

The recharge level for 12 Volt lead acid batteries is 13.8 Volts, so a 36 Volt lead acid battery pack will recharge to 41.4 Volts. 32 Volts is 29.32 percent less than 41.4 Volts which is the reason that the controller shuts off power to the motor when the battery pack Voltage is 31 Volts and under.

You will need a 36 Volt battery pack in order to operate the kit because a 12 or 24 Volt battery pack will not provide enough Voltage for the controller to turn off its under-Voltage battery protection system and operate the motor.

I understand what you're saying. You had calculated a 1.5hr run time at a certain weight. Was this based on a +- 10v (41.4v - 32v) drop in battery voltage or on a 36v to 0 volt drop? I really appreciate all the help. Your customer service is outstanding!
Thank you very much for your positive comments. We appreciate you placing your order with us and using our forum for technical support.

Our battery pack ride time calculator estimates the end of run time on a 30% decrease in battery pack Voltage, because that is when the controller will shut off power to the motor and the vehicle will stop running.

For a 36 Volt battery pack the ride time calculator bases it estimate on a 41.4V to 32V drop in battery pack voltage instead of a 36V to 0V drop.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

My beach cart is finally completed. It worked better than expected especially on the beach sand. Thank you.

(839 KB)
(1.02 MB)
As the sun sets
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Wow that is a great looking beach cart. Your build quality, choice of materials, design, and paint colors look fantastic. Thank you for sharing those photos. I am sure they will inspire many other people to build their own beach carts.

Good morning. I noticed yesterday that if the batteries, which I did not purchase from you, are dead and I put it on charge, the charger states that they batteries are charged within 5 min. and the volt meter states 41+v. Then as soon as I start using the cart with in 1 min of no load use the cart starts acting up. I'm wondering if all my issues are because of a charging issue. You stated previously that there is a safety feature with the controller that won't allow the cart to run if the voltage is too low. What do you think the issue could be?

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