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Razor Ground Force Drifter Fury Modification

I am looking to modify my Razor GFD Fury. I want the most power and speed without extending the back end or drilling into the frame or welding. I also do not want to double stack the batteries or anything. I want it to go 20+ mph and to be able to go in reverse. Can you make a customized kit for me? Do all of your kits require modifying the metal frame, or just some?

Razor packed all of the original parts pretty tightly in the back of the Ground Force series go-karts so there is not enough room back there for larger parts. Due to this, we would not be able to make a kit which would meet your design goals. Unfortunately, there is just not enough room in the back of that go-kart for larger size parts.

What will I have to do to expand the back end? Will I have to modify the frame in any way to install your kits?

We have seen customized Ground Force projects where the back was extended using slotted angle steel and bolts. 

Whether the frame will need to be modified or not is entirely up to the installer and their vision for how to install the kit along with the tools that they have. The less that the frame is modified the more of a homemade look the project will have - and the more that the frame is modified, such as by cutting and welding, the more of a professionally made look the project will have. 

We are particularly pleased to see modifications that were performed using only a few common tools because they prove that anyone can do it and you do not need to have metal fabrication experience and a garage full of welders and plasma cutters to modify an electric go-kart. 

Could you make a kit for me where there are two batteries (24 volts) on the left (looking at it from the back) and then the motor on the right, with the controller and wires on top of that, with the most power and speed that could fit in that arrangement? Would everything fit nicely? What would the specs be? How much of an improvement would it be over stock? Couldn’t you just swap the two batteries (24 volts) with a single 24 volt battery?

We do not have a Ground Force go-kart to measure and determine what parts would fit on it. We list the dimensions of our motors and batteries so you could play around with those dimensions to see what the most powerful motor is that would fit and still allow room for the batteries. 

The original Ground Force motor is 250 Watts so the torque will increase equally with the new motor's Watts rating, for example, a 500 Watt motor would provide twice as much torque as the original 250 Watt motor. 

Both of these motor run at the same RPM though so the top speed would not increase unless a smaller axle sprocket was installed. 

Smaller axle sprockets that fit the Ground Force series go-karts are not an off the shelf part so one would need to be purchased with a smaller bore than the diameter of the axle and then a machine shop could be hired to rebore and mill a keyway into the sprocket so it fits the axle. 

As far as lead-acid batteries go they are usually sold only in 12 Volts and not in 24 Volts so two of them need to be used to make a 24 Volt battery pack. There are 24 Volt Lithium battery packs which are smaller and lighter than lead acid battery packs, however, they typically cost around four times more than the same capacity lead-acid battery pack. 

Have you thought about placing two batteries in front of the seat instead of behind it? We have seen people modify Ground Force go-karts that way so the weight distribution is better and so a battery tray does not need to be built on the back. That way a 500 Watt motor and controller would fit behind the seat with room to spare. 

That is a good idea! I could totally fit some batteries up front, although it would take some work to get it to look good. As with the Lithium batteries, I am interested, although the price may be an issue for me. Could I get Lithium batteries instead? How much smaller and lighter are they? Are they equal to lead-acid batteries concerning power and speed? And concerning the electric motor, are brushless ones better? Are you sure that all same-Watt electric motors run at the same RPM? If not, then couldn't I just get one that ran at higher RPM and get a sprocket to go with it that fits the GFD Fury's chain? Thank you so much I'm a noobie(:

Also thanks for responding to me lightning quick!

Lithium battery packs are available and they are a little smaller and a lot lighter than lead-acid battery packs. Lithium batteries require a battery charger for lithium batteries so the original lead-acid battery charger could not be reused. Lithium battery packs will provide the same power and speed as lead-acid battery packs as long as they have the same Ah rating. 

If you want to mount the battery pack in front of the seat then a 24 Volt lead-acid battery pack would fit better though because the two batteries are separate and could go on both sides of the tunnel. A Lithium battery pack may be small enough to fit in the back with a larger motor though. 

Regarding the motor speeds, I was referring to the 250 and 500 Watt motors that we sell. We do not carry any 500 Watt motors with a higher speed than the original 250 Watt motor. We do carry 750 and 1000 watt motors with higher speeds although they run on 36 and 48 Volts instead of 24 Volts. 

So, are brushless electric motors better than brushed electric motors? And could you make a kit for me with Lithium batteries and a brushless motor if it is better?

Those two types of motors are both good. Our lithium battery supplier discontinued carrying lithium batteries so we do not have them available right now. We are looking for a new supplier and as soon as we have them again then we can start making kits that include them. 

When will you have Lithium batteries in a kit?
What is the difference between volts, amps, watts, and Ah? What do they mean?

Is there any way that I can make the spark bar smoke instead of spark? The sparks are cool but it would be WAY cooler if I can do a fake burnout with smoke and everything. Also, is there any way that I can gear up my Fury to go faster with gears, bigger wheels, etc. because upgrading the motor doesn't exactly increase the speed? I would also love to get different rear wheels that are stickier than the stock ones because the stock rear wheels are really slippery, too slippery for my taste. Any way I can get different rear wheels?

Is there any way to make the spark bar on my Fury to make smoke instead of sparks? And is there any way to increase the top speed of my Fury with gears, bigger wheels, etc. because a more powerful motor doesn't exactly increase the top speed? I would like to get different rear wheels because the stock ones are too slippery for my taste. What is the rpm of MOT-SD361000? Do you have any mounting brackets for it to fit the stock four screw holes for mounting the stock motor?

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