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Razor MX650 upgrade to 1000 watt motor

I am thinking of modifying my son's Razor MX650 electric dirtbike to a 36v 1000watt motor.

Here is the bike I have for my son.


Besides the motor could you tell me what other parts to order ?

What else do I need to consider before I start this upgrade?

Any advice or suggestions are welcome.



Thanks a lot. Order #130861 was placed. Are you able to provide a wiring schematic for proper installation?
Thanks for your order. Your kit was made and shipped out today.

You will need to reverse the positions of the wire terminals in the motor's connector, otherwise the motor will spin backwards. It is easy to remove and reinstall the terminals in the motor's connector, however it is not so easy to remove and reinstall the terminals in the controller's connector that goes to the motor, so that is one small modification that will need to be made to the motor's connector. There are locking tabs on the terminals which can be pushed in with a small screwdriver and then the terminals can be gently pulled out of the back of the connector. Then the locking tabs can be restored back to their original positions and the terminals reinserted back into the connector in the opposite positions. This should take less than a minute to do.


I made a wiring diagram for the kit which is shown below. I also attached a printable PDF file of the wiring diagram so you have something to print out.


Please let us know if you have any questions.


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