Why is this forum in read-only mode?

This is not a typical public forum where the members create all of the content. This is a forum where the members ask us technical questions and our technicians answer them. Running the forum this way assures that all of the answers are correct and can be trusted. During the run of this forum members sometimes answered questions and if their answers were correct we would leave them up, and if their answers were incorrect we would remove them. However, our technicians wound up answering over 99% of the questions themselves so practically all answers on this forum were posted by our technicians.

Back when we first started this forum it would get a few replies per day and a couple of new topics per week and it would take us around one hour a day to reply to. However after a couple of years it grew to the point where it became a full time 40 hour per week job to reply to and moderate, and this amount of work was beyond what we originally intended for it to be.

Due to this we had to shut the forum down to new topics and replies, however, this forum has a wealth of information contained in its posts so we are keeping this forum open in read-only mode for everyone to enjoy and learn from.

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