Forum Rules and Guidelines

Forum Rules and Guidelines

  • Posts in this technical support question and answer forum should be either questions about the maintenance, repair, or modification of electric scooters, electric mopeds, electric bicycles, electric go-karts, electric ATVs, electric beach wagons, electric utility carts, or other types of electric powered vehicles - or else answers to those questions. Post that share information, photos, and videos of custom made or modified electric powered vehicles are welcome. Electric vehicle repair, upgrade, and modification help, guides, tips, images, and videos are welcome. Requests for custom-made electric vehicle power kits are welcome.

  • Create only one thread for each technical support subject that you need help with. If your post has not been answered in a reasonable amount of time then please post a thread reply asking for someone to answer your question. We try to answer all questions, however, sometimes due to the volume of questions that we receive they get bumped down the list and are not seen, so please speak up if your question has not been answered in a reasonable amount of time so we can see and reply to your post.

  • Do not reuse existing threads which have been started by others, even if they are regarding the same subject. Start a new thread and ask a new question instead.

  • Do not use this forum for post-sale customer support questions. Please refer customer support questions to our customer support department instead of this forum. Post-sale technical support questions are welcome and encouraged.

  • Do not post competing links, business names, or item/part numbers of parts that sells. Please link to or post item numbers of our parts instead. We reserve the right to change business names, item/part numbers, and links to competitors item to those of our own. This allows us to run this forum without having it drive business away from our store.

  • Our forum moderator may modify or delete any post, comment, or reply that does not follow these rules or that is not appropriate for this forum.

  • Please do not let these rules discourage you from using this forum. This forum is moderated so if you feel that a post, comment, or reply is appropriate then go ahead and post it.

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