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Another 36V topic


I've been searching all over for the best way to increase the speed / torque of my kids Razor Dune Buggy.

We've been using it since November of 2016 and last week the buggy would only click after a full charge. I took off the back housing and checked each battery, they are only registering 7v each instead of the necessary 12v.

I decided since I'm going to have to buy some new batteries anyway, I might as well jump on the 36v train.

Anyway, after reading around all sorts of forums, I'm still as lost as ever on what all I need to replace.

Here are the answers that I have found so far:

  • Adding another 12v battery and overvolting the motor to 36v
  • Adding another 12v battery, a 36v 1000w controller, and a 24v 500w motor
  • Adding another 12v battery, overvolting to 36v, and removing the jackshaft
What is the correct way of doing this for the best bang for buck? Do I need a new throttle? New Charger?

Thanks in advance!

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