Before Replacing a Tube Find What Caused the Flat

The tube may have become flat due to one of the following reasons:

  • Under-inflation causing the tube to get pinched between the tire and the rim during a ride.
  • Under-inflation causing the tire to slip on the rim resulting in the valve stem separating from the tube.
  • A thorn, tack, or piece of glass embedded in the tire.
  • A missing or poorly aligned rim strip if the scooter or bike has spoke style rims.
  • A faulty or contaminated valve stem core.

After the tire has been removed visually inspect it for thorns, glass, or other foreign objects that may have embedded in the tire. With a pair of gloves on run your fingers inside the tire to feel for any thorns, glass, or other objects protruding inside the tire. Remove any foreign objects with tweezers or thin nose pliers before installing the new tube or replace the tire if necessary. If the scooter or bike has rims with spokes make sure the rubber rim strip is present and centered in the rim so that it is completely covering all of the spoke nipples.

Tire and Tube Installation Guide