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Increasing Top Speed of Razor Dune Buggy

I had ordered some parts in order to add power and top speed to my Razor Dune Buggy (24V 500W motor, 36V 500W controller, and 36V battery). I've now done the install but unfortunately, the top speed is unchanged. I was hoping that running the 24v motor at 36v would result in an RPM around 3,750 (2,500 x 1.5). Do you know why that's not the case?

If that's not going to work, my other options are:

1) Keep the 24V 500W motor but go back to a 24V battery and controller and change the motor sprocket to increase top speed. Do you know where I can find bigger sprockets that will fit the motor shaft? What about SPR-2514A, SPR-2515A and SPR-2516 sold at

2) Use the original Razor 24V motor and controller but run them at 36V by adding a third 12v battery. I've done a quick test on my other buggy and that yields at least a 25% increase in top speed (although I was expecting 50%).

Thanks for your help.

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Hi again, support. So I bought a ct660b9 controller to go with my 36v over-volted system on my Razor Dune Buggy. I was about to install it today but started wondering how certain things need to be rewired. I am able to figure out most of it except the on/off switch. I have the v12+ Dune Buggy. There are two big red wires from the on/off switch. Where do those go? There is a "Key Switch Connector" with small wires on the 660b9. I'm thinking those are for an on/off switch but I can't tell how to use it with the stock on/off switch. Can you tell me? Thanks.
After spending a few hours on it, the CT660B9 was a complete bust. I could not get it work with my razor dune buggy. I used custom wire fittings to modify the battery input and I could see power on the stock 24v throttle but the engine would not turn. I decided to put back the old stock controller and the new engine turned fine. So I'm not sure what to do with the new controller unless you can give me some plug-and-play advice. Do I need a 36v hall throttle to go with the CT660B9? I was sure I could use the stock 24v throttle. The other problem was how to hook up the stock on/off switch. Could not figure that out so I plugged in the handbrake power coupling to the "lock connector/ignition". It seemed like it should have the same effect. But like I said, the motor did not turn even though power was flowing to the stock throttle. I have been running a 36v over-volted system just fine. I wanted the 36v controller to get back the under-volt protection and get a few more amps/watts flowing to my new currie 450w 24v motor. Thanks for any advice.
It sounds to me like the lock connector/ignition terminal on the CT660B9 controller was not wired correctly which caused it to not work. If the lock connector plug was attached to the brake lever switch then the controller would only turn on when the brake was applied. If you are using the Razor Dune Buggy's original power switch in line between the battery pack and controller then the controller's lock connector wires will need to be bridged together so the controller is always in an on state when power is applied to it.

Using the original 24 Volts throttle with the CT660B9 controller will work. The LED battery indicator on the 24 Volt throttle will not work with a 36 Volt battery pack but the throttle will operate the motor without any issues.

Try bridging together the lock connector wires on the new controller and it should work then. If you have any further issues getting the new controller to operate please let me know and I will be glad to help.

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