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Razor Ground Force Drifter Upgrade

Hello any advice to extend riding time and make it go faster...just bought 2 of this machine for my twins...thinking of upgrading the battery to 24volt  9ah and 350watt motor with stock throttle and controller...

any help is appreciated.

The 500 Watt motor is more than twice the size as the original 250 Watt motor. I do not have a Ground Force Drifter in the shop to see if the 500 Watt motor will fit nicely but I know the 500 Watt motor has a larger base with different mounting hole spacing and is much longer than the original 250 Watt motor. Also, not having a Ground Force Drifter in the shop I am not sure if a different bracket would be needed to upgrade the batteries from 7Ah to 9Ah or 10Ah. The original controller is rated at 30 Amps and would work with a 500 Watt motor. A larger chain would most likely be needed when the larger motor was installed but i do not know what size it would need to be. Maybe someone else on this forum has already done this modification and can provide more help than I am able to.


i think i want to go the route of a 500 w motor 3 12v15ah batteries and a 36 volt controller for my sons ground force fury. can you give me exact part numbers so i can order. and any install info would help  thanks

right now i have 2 extra 7ah batteries can i use the original charger to charge all 3 (36v) batteries if i wire them in series?

Erik: The original Razor Ground Force Fury charger is for a 24 Volt battery pack so it will not work on a 36 Volt battery pack. I can provide exact part numbers for a 36 Volt 500 Watt motor with base, 12 Volt 15 Ah batteries, and 36 Volt 500 Watt controller that can be custom installed in your Ground Force Fury, however before I do so I want to make sure that you understand that these parts may require modifying the frame's motor mount and battery tray area and that the extra batteries may not fit inside the original plastic cover. With that being said would you still like for me to provide the exact part numbers for the 36V 500W modification parts?

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