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Razor Dune Buggy - third battery

I added a third battery to the razor doing buggy, and now it will not charge with the new 36v charger. It runs just fine (and faster) but will not charge. Is it possible I wired something up the wrong way? Or is my charger busted? The charger has a green light on it that doesn't turn red when it is plugged in
If the scooter is running with the extra battery added to the pack then the battery pack has to be wired correctly. If you want to attach a photo of the wiring I can also confirm that it is wired the right way.

If you have a multimeter the battery charger could be tested for output Voltage to see if it is working. Here is a video showing how to test the charger:

It could also be possible that during the modification the charger port was damaged. You could test for Voltage at the battery charger port to see if it is working.
Please let me know how the troubleshooting goes.

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