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Razor Ground Force overvolting

Hi All,

My son received a razor Ground Force from Santa and sure enough he asked me to upgrade it for it to go faster, so I went ahead and bought 3 x 12V 10Ah batteries, a charger and a new 36V controller and throttle.

When everything got plug, the kart was only going reverser... what did I di wrong?

I bought the following controller:

Brand: Yiyun

Model: YK31C

One place I feel I could have mess you was connecting the on off switch since it has 3 pins one that shall come from the charger and 2 positive..

Thanks for your help, as my son is dying to it to work.


thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate your help and support while this.

I have just complete the upgrade and my son is super happy and excited in addition of now being the cool dude in the neighborhood with his fast go kart.

Thank you so much


I have a quick question, everything was running fine till yesterday when my son wanted to play with his go kart and that it start running full throttle without him touching anything... Do you know what would cause this? IS that the controller not working anymore?

Most of the time when the motor runs at full speed like that it is the controller. However there is a small chance that it could be a short circuit in the throttle or throttle cable. To see which part is causing the problem prop the wheels off the ground so the cart can not move and then unplug the throttle from the controller and turn the power on. If the motor stops running with the throttle unplugged then it is the throttle, and if the motor continues to run with the throttle unplugged then it is the controller.

hi everyone iam doing a overvolt from 24v to 36v ,just wanted to know if overvolting will reduce range or increase it,anyone have the answer.thanks

Usually when over-Volting from 24 Volts to 36 Volts with the same capacity batteries the range will decrease by around 25%. To keep the same range the battery capacity could be increased by 25% or more for even longer range.

exactly what i wanted to know,thank you very much esp

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