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Older Razor E100 replacing obsolete controller

I've got a version 1.0 E100 and the controller is no longer available.  I've bought a controller and throttle for a newer version and am wondering if anyone can provide a diagram of how this should be connected.  The parts I have bought are:

controller: SPD-24250

throttle: THR-35WG

Many of the electric scooter review website's pros and cons about the Razor E100 scooter are a little out of sync with ours. Some of their pros such as 'noiseless performance', 'quick recharging' and 'it can be used without battery power' are not what I consider to be correct. The E100 scooter has chain drive that makes a little noise when the scooter is being used which I consider to be a good thing because when riding truly noiseless scooters with belt drive, pedestrians and animals tend not to hear you approaching and sometimes jump into your way. I also do not know if I would consider a 5 to 6 hour recharge time as being quick, I would describe it more as being overnight. Regarding being able to use the E100 without battery power that would be very difficult to do because the motor places a lot of drag on the rear wheel when the power is off. It can be pushed home relatively easily if the battery dies, however if you try to ride it without battery power it will provide a lot of resistance and will wear out the rider fairly quickly. I agree with most of their cons except for the one regarding it being a bit heavy compared to other scooters. It is the around same weight as any other electric scooter with the same specifications.

I recommend the Razor E200 scooter over the E100 because it has rear wheel brakes, while the E100 has only front wheel brakes which are more difficult to control. I do not like riding scooters with only front wheel brakes because if you apply the brakes too hard it can cause the front wheel to slide which could lead to a loss of control. The E200 also has air filled tires on the front and back, while the E100 has a solid tire on the back and air filled tire on the front. So the E200 has a much softer and controllable ride with its two air filled tires.

One more thing I would like to mention is that Razor makes some of the highest quality scooters that are available today. We sell parts for Razor scooters and all of their parts are top quality and made by the best factories in the industry.

Thank you so much!

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