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Razor MX650 Upgrade to 1000 Watt Motor

I am thinking of modifying my son's Razor MX650 electric dirtbike to a 36v 1000watt motor.

Here is the bike I have for my son.

Besides the motor could you tell me what other parts to order ?

What else do I need to consider before I start this upgrade?

Any advice or suggestions are welcome.



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Do you want the kit to include a battery pack wiring harness and adapter to connect the controller to the existing power switch?

Our 48 Volt 750 Watt motor will bolt right in to the bike's swingarm.

Some people upgrade their battery pack and controller to 48 Volts and leave the motor at 36 Volts so it will be overvolted which makes it run at a a higher RPM and with more power.

If you overvolt the existing motor the bike will have a faster top speed, and if you upgrade to a 48 Volt 750 Watt motor then the top speed will remain the same. However overvolting motors has its drawbacks and depending on how hard the motor is used it may run hotter than it was designed for and burn out if it is overheated.

I have an MX350 and an MX650. I would like to upgrade them both to go faster. Can I upgrade the electronics in the 650 and use the stock stuff from the 650 in the 350? If so, what would I need?
I have both an MX350 and MX650. I would like to upgrade them both to go faster. Is it possible to upgrade the electronics in the 650 and use the stock electronics from it in the 350v

You may be able to custom install the MX650 electronics onto the MX350 dirt bike. I think that making the larger battery pack fit into the MX350 frame might present the biggest challenge of the conversion. 

Is there a kit I should order for all parts (including charger) and wiring harnesses needed for the 650 upgrade? Also, are there different batteries that could be used that would fit better into the 350?

We have not tried to install MX650 batteries into an MX350 before so we are only speculating that they might not fit, when in fact they might fit, we just don't know. Batteries as small as 10Ah could be used with the MX650 electronics so if the original 12Ah batteries cannot be made to fit them maybe 10Ah batteries would fit better. 

The 1000 Watt motors are longer than the original MX650 motor so they would not fit without major metal fabrication modifications to the bike's frame, however, we have kits for the MX650 which have a 48 Volt 1800 Watt brushless motor which will fit into the frame without any modifications. Many of our customers have successfully installed these 48 Volt 1800 Watt kits into their Razor MX500, MX650, and SX500 dirt bikes with great results. 

Here are the links to these 48 Volt 1800 Watt kits:

Some people who buy these kits have already tried overvolting their bikes to 48 Volts so they do not need a 48 Volt battery pack which is why we offer the kits both with and without battery packs. 

I have been reading the posts from the last few years so I would just like to confirm that the information is still current. I want to overvolt my existing MX650 Dirtbike. I would like to order 4-12 volt15amp batteries, the higher quality charger, controller, throttle and the plug and play wiring kit. I would also appreciate a wiring diagram if possible. I don't have the serial number with me but it was purchased November 2016. Thank you.
I just checked and I have version 26.

Our KIT-MX48100-1 48 Volt 1000 Watt modification kit works with all versions of the MX500, MX650, and SX500 dirt bikes including version 26. 

We do not have a wiring diagram for this kit right now, however, all of its connectors have labels on them which instruct the installer how to plug everything together. It includes all of the necessary adapters for a trouble-free plug-and-play installation. This kit is electronically 100% plug-and-play however it does require custom installation of the controller and batteries.  

Thank you.

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