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Max power and speed while maintains factory geometry

Hey guys, I apologize if this topic has already been discussed but I'm one day old to the razor lineup. Yesterday I purchase a used razor ground force of unknown year for $60. It had not been charged for a few years and almost left me in the park away from my house..... I was wondering if there was a combination of parts that a simpleton Could put together that does not involve cutting or welding to carry my 150lb trunk around. I was hoping to throw the factory cover on when I'm done. Also looking for some grippy tires to so any suggestion besides factory would be cool if they are available. I'm new so please include part numbers wherever possible, A complete list please. Thanks in advance for all the help. Dan

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Since the old batteries were not charged for a few years they have most certainly lost their ability to take a full charge. By replacing the old worn out batteries with new ones the Razor Ground Force's original power and ride time will be restored. An unmodified Ground Force go cart should be able to carry you around at full speed on flat ground, however it will slow down when going up inclines and will not have enough power to go up hills. I recommend starting with replacing the original batteries and then seeing if the performance is good enough at that point, because modifying the Ground Force to have more power would require adding an extra battery which would not fit under the factory cover, or installing a larger motor and controller which would require custom installation.

Regarding the grippy tires, if you have a Ground Force, as opposed to a Ground Force Drifter, then it has four rubber tires. These rubber tires harden and loose their ability to grip as they age, so installing new wheels should help with the traction problem. The Razor Ground Force's wheels are unique to the Ground Force and I do not know of any alternative replacement wheels that are available, so replacing them with stock wheels is the only option that I know of.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

We'll thank you very much for your response, So are there better batteries then the factory that provide a little more jam or extended run? Is there such thing as a build thread here on the forum in which I can see the process and involve not of building a 750-1000w ground force? Thanks for your time
The original Razor Ground Force's batteries are 7Ah. We offer 8Ah and 9Ah batteries for the Ground Force both of which will increase its ride time, however they will not increase its top speed or acceleration power.

There are a handful of threads on this forum regarding upgrading the Ground Force to have more power and speed. These threads can be viewed by searching for Ground Force in this forum's search engine or by Clicking Here.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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