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1000w razor ground force build

Can I please get a parts list ('s) For a adult power build please. I'm thinking 1000w,60v. Just wanna get all the parts together Then see where I'm at, just wanted to make sure I have every bit Even connectors and such. Thanks in advance.
Sure that is no problem at all I can put together a parts list. I just need a little more information before I begin. Does your Razor Ground Force have chain or belt drive?
Thank you, your very patient.. It is chain driven.
Any help with parts, I'd be grateful..
Thanks for all the help...
Sorry for the late reply. I had family visit from out of state and had to take a few days off of work. I am back in the office today and will be glad to help. Let me put together a parts list and I will post in in a few minutes.


Oh ic, hope you had a good visit with family... I painted the kart matte flack with satin finish To keep me busy on it.... :)
Here is a list that I have started. I am not sure what size batteries will fit or what size you want to use so I can not recommend a battery charger until that has been decided. Once you decide on the batteries please let me know and I will match them up to the right charger. The SPD-601000A controller includes a twist throttle however the Ground Force uses a thumb throttle. The original thumb throttle can be reused with the 60 Volt controller, or a new thumb throttle could be purchased and used. I can figure out which existing throttle wires go where on the 60 Volt controller if you know the version number of the Ground Force.

These are all of the parts I can think of right now that will be needed. When modifying electric vehicles there are always a few extra small parts that are needed which are discovered along the way though so I would not look at this as a 100% comprehensive parts list.

Once you decide which size batteries to use please let me know and I will match them up to the right size battery charger. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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