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Help sherco e kid dirt bike

My sons electric sherco mini dirt bike will run fine for a couple of minutes then shut off , I then can pull out the fuse under the seat which looks like a regular car fuse ,, and put it back in and the bike will run fine for awhile , the fuse is not blowing. ,, any suggestions or help ??? Thank you
I have never worked on a Sherco E Kid dirt bike so I can in not claim to be an expert on them however from your description of the problem it sounds like it could possibly be the controller. The controller is what controls whether the power is on and off and it sounds like it is shutting off on its own. Before considering controller replacement I would check the power switch to make sure it is not intermittently turning on and off on its own and then check all of the wiring and connectors to make sure they are in good condition and that none of the wire insulation has worn off causing a short circuit. I would also check the connectors that go to the batteries to make sure they are in good shape and not loose. Another thing to consider is that the controller could be turning off because it is overloaded  due to burned out motor coils. So if after replacing the controller the same problem happens then it might be the motor.

Hopefully another member of this forum owns a Sherco dirt bike and can offer more specific advise about this problem then I am able to.
Thank you for all your insight , I will follow your hunches and see what happens Regards

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