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Razor Dune Buggy motor reversing wiring question

Grandson's birthday present was the razor dune buggy. he is having a blast with it but (so far) have only one issue, he cant back up. Question, is it possible to install a switch in the wiring circuit before the motor to reverse the polarity in order to allow it to go in reverse? thank you!

A switch could be wired in between the motor and controller that would allow the Dune Buggy have reverse. Our item # SWT-154 switch would work for this. Here is a link to the page it is sold on:

Here is a wiring diagram showing how to wire the switch between the motor and controller.

When the switch is in the "I" position the Dune Buggy will go forward, and when in the "O" position the Dune Buggy will be in neutral, and when in the "II" position the Dune Buggy will be in Reverse.

I attached a PDF file of the above wiring diagram that can be printed so a paper copy of the wiring diagram is available for the installation.


sorry it has taken so long to reply! Thank You for your assistance and the information!!! This is exactly what I planned to do but needed to verify or confirm that I wasn't about to make a mistake and cause some type of damage. as soon as the needed supplies arrive and I get this completed, I will post my results to how well it performs. Tom.

 thomas did the switch work?

I'm thinking about buying the Razor dune buggy but reverse is a must.

It works very well, I have installed it on 3 so far. The only issue will be deciding where to mount it. Just follow the simple wiring and you will do fine.,,,  Tom.

Thanks for the quick reply back! Happy to hear it it's working out.

I thought about mounting too. I think I'm going to use a plastic project box (3" x 2" x 1") to mount the switch in, that way the terminals are out of sight and the kids can't unplug them and then I'm thinking of mounting the box to the steering down tube. -See pic- I'll get a better feel once I have the buggy in front of me.

ESP support** Will your switch work @ 36V in case I want to upgrade in the future??


The SWT-154 switch will work as a reverse switch for power loads up to around 20 Amps. So it could be used at 36 Volts as long as the amount of power that the motor consumes does not exceed 20 Amps. At 36 Volts 20 Amps equates to around 750 Watts which is quite a bit of power. The switch could handle short spikes of higher current though such as would be experienced during heavy acceleration and short hill or ramp climbing.
Hello, Not sure if I need to start a new thread or if I can ask my question in this thread. I also have a razor dune buggy. I used this forum to install a reverse switch. See picture. The reverse switch works great with the stock thumb throttle. I also purchased a thr89 foot throttle. That isn't working. I used your throttle testing guide to text the voltage at the controller. Unfortunately I am only getting 4.3 volts so the foot throttle isn't working. Weird thing is Thumb throttle is working so maybe it requires less voltage. Any suggestions of what the problem can be?
Hi Fawad, the installation of the reverse switch and Voltmeter looks great.

The THR-89 foot throttle operates on input Voltages between 3 to 6.5 Volts so it will work with a 4.3 Volt input Voltage. If it is not working then it could possibly be miswired to the controller. Please see attached wiring diagrams showing how to wire non-original throttles to the Razor Dune Buggy. One of the wiring diagrams is for version 1 through 11 and the other is for version 12 and up.

Please check the wiring compared to these diagrams and let us know how it goes.
Thank you for your response. So I used the wiring diagram for version 12 and above. I checked the voltage again and it's 4.3, so that is not the problem based on what you advised. I than checked the voltage of the throttle and it starts at 0.8 and goes to 4.0 when I press the throttle completely. So according to the guide that's good also. So I still can't figure out why the throttle isn't working. Any other suggestions?
Correction : it goes up to 3.48 at full throttle. Not sure if that makes a difference.

3.48 Volts of throttle signal output should run the motor very fast.

The only thing I can think of is that possibly the controller can sense when the three battery indicator wires from the thumb throttle are not plugged into it. Maybe you could take the three battery indicator wires out of the thumb throttle's connector housing and plug them into the controller's throttle connector the same way the THR-89 wires are and see if it runs then. Just make sure to plug them into the right terminal holes on the connector so everything is wired the way that it should be.

Please let us know how it goes.

So this is interesting. I did as you said and it didn't work. It put out the correct voltage both on the red and green wire. The 3 lights on the thumb throttle were on. But nothing happened. So than I tried just the power wires on the thumb throttle into the controller and all the voltage was correct but nothing happened. It needed the 3 bottom wires connected to make it work. Now I'm thoroughly lost. And it seems like we are out of options. Lol sounds correct?
Also not sure if this makes a. I have the 3 power wires from the foot throttle connected and the 3 thumb throttle light wires connected. When I press the thumb throttle it makes the controller click. I thought it wouldn't do anything since it's just the wires for the 3 lights.
When you mentioned that the controller clicks when the thumb throttle is pressed I had a breakthrough and realized that the throttle has a switch in it. I looked at wiring diagrams for other vehicles that the RAZ-CONTROLLER1 is used on and found the answer on the Crazy Cart version 1-2 and 3-4 wiring diagrams. In these wiring diagrams it shows the controller wired to a foot throttle that has an on/off switch in it.

From this information I have figured out how the throttle plug on the RAZ-CONTROLLER1 is wired. I made a wiring instruction diagram for it which I will post below and also attach.


The yellow and orange wires need to be bridged together or connected to a switch inside of the throttle for the controller to operate.

Since the Dune Buggy already has a power switch, a second switch is not really needed in the throttle so you could permanently bridge the controller's yellow and orange wires together.

Try bridging the orange and yellow wires together while the foot throttle is wired to the controller and then it should work.

Please let us know how it goes.

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