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Razor Espark Modifications

Just recently i have pulled apart my Razor Espark Scooter and i am wondering which batteries like the image below could fit in the battery box compartment with a controller.

Also, which 36v or 48v motor and 36v or 48v controller upgrades would make it go a lot faster than it used to be prior. 

(122 KB)
There is only enough room to fit two 5Ah batteries as shown in your attached photo inside the Razor eSpark scooter's battery box. There are no batteries with a larger capacity that will fit in its battery box.

Any of our 36 or 48 Volt 500 Watt controllers could be used to over-Volt the eSpark scooter, however they would require one or two more batteries to be added to the battery pack.

Could I add a battery to the deck of the scooter?

I have seen people do that before. I think that is the only possible way to add an extra battery to the Razor eSpark scooter.

Which motor will 36 or 48v motor will make it go very fast?

Does the E200 have a bigger battery box than the Espark?

Yes it does. The Razor E200 battery box holds two 7Ah batteries and the Razor eSpark battery box holds two 5Ah batteries. The 7Ah batteries are quite a bit larger than the 5Ah batteries.


To make the scooter go faster any motor with a higher Watt rating will work along with either a motor with a higher RPM than the original and or a different gear ratio. The Voltage of the motor does not matter, only its Wattage and the difference between the old motor and new motors RPM and the change in gear ratio. The gear ratio can be changed by installing different rear wheel and or motor sprockets.

Just wondering, if i put in 2 12v 5ah battery replacements by VICI which is the most powerful motor and controller i could add into the scooter.

Those batteries are rated for a 10 Amp maximum discharge over a 15 minute period of time, which is about how long they would last with a 10 Amp load. So you could use a motor up to around 250 Watts with them.

Which controller would be suitable?

For a 24 Volt system with a 250 Watt motor any of our 24 Volt 250 Watt controllers would be suitable. They are available on this page:

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