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Razor E300 throttle

Which variable throttle would suit the e300 without a new controller? 

We have throttles for all versions of the Razor E300 scooter. There are 5 different styles of throttles for the E300 so selecting one by the version number of the scooter is usually the easiest way to do it. There should be an ID lable on the scooter with the version number coded into it. The label looks like this:

The 7th and 8th numbers on the ID tag are the version number of the scooter. For example: Version 1 = 01, Version 4 = 04, Version 10 = 10, etc...

If the ID tag has been torn or removed from the scooter then I can most likely figure out which throttle it needs from a photo of the connector on the old throttle.

My E300 is version 20+ 

But i could not find a variable speed throttle for 20+ on all scooter part websites


Razor E300 version 20+ scooters have single speed controllers and throttles. Variable speed throttles will not work on version 20+ unless the controller is also replaced with a variable speed unit.

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