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Razor MX350 Model 36 Variable Throttle Conversion

I want to convert my Razor MX 350 model 36 to variable speed throttle. Would also like a higher output controller for better hill climbing if that is possible. And one last request would be for a full length type throttle grip rather than the little short piece that's on there now. Please advise. Thank you!!!
Here are links to a couple of variable speed conversion kits for the MX350 and MX400 versions 33 and up. These kits have controllers with a 30 Amp current limit which is the same current limit as the original controller. RAZ-KIT26 has a half-length throttle, and RAZ-KIT28 has a full-length throttle.

Installing a controller with a higher than 30 Amp output is possible, however, it is not recommended. The MX350 and MX400 motors are designed to run with a 30 Amp controller so installing a controller with an output higher than 30 Amps could possibly overheat the motor under demanding conditions such as climbing steep hills and riding through sand or mud.

Thank you very much. I placed the order.

Order was shipped and received promptly. Thank you! It is working just as I hoped. Love the variable control and I am thinking this should be less destructive to the free hub. Thanks again for all the help.

You are welcome. We now include a large double sided foam mounting tape square with each kit to make mounting the controller easier.

Great to hear that you got it working with the new parts. Having variable speed control should be much easier on all of the power transmission components including the freewheel. Thanks for letting us know how everything worked out. 

Is this kit still available? The link in the previous post is dead. If it is still available I am interested I ordering two of them. Thanks
Yes, these kits are still available. We just updated the links above so they are now up to date and working.


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