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razor e200 throttle and sabertooth2x25

Im building an a new off road board and im trying to use the razor e200 throttle with the sabertooth2x25 motor driver. I believe the throttle uses a hall effect sensor im not sure if the s1 s2 on the sabertooth can even use this to control the motor. Is it possible. Can I control the motor speed with this throttle and the sabertooth?

I read the Sabertooth2x25 motor driver datasheet and in operating mode 1 its input range is 0-5 Volts. The E200 throttle has an output of 0.8-4.2 Volts so it is not compatible. From what I read in the datasheet it is my understanding that the Sabertooth2x25 requires an input  signal of 2.5~0 Volts for reverse, 2.5 Volts for no movement, and 2.5~5 Volts for forward. This would require a self centering potentiometer to operate it, which are common in joysticks however I do not know of any handlebar mounted throttles that are self centering.

Im beginning to think that a potentiometer may be my best to control the speed however it might make for difficult one handed operation. what about a throttle that uses a potentiometer instead of a hall effect sensor. that could solve the issue. im only interested in forward motion at this time anyway. 

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All of the potentiometer throttles that I have seen are either 5K Ohm or 10K Ohm. Both 5K and 10K throttles would output zero Volts when they were not being twisted. You might be able to make one work if you fed a constant 2.5 Volt signal into the throttles output so the Voltage that the controller received does not dip under 2.5 Volts.

i also have a small 5v joystick from a sainsmart balancing robot kit auto return to center. maybe this will work for a throttle

i really appreciate you working through this with me by the way. Thank You

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