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Razor Dune buggy throttle mod

I have Razor Dune buggy that I want to modify from thumb 4 wires throttle to a foot pedal throttle. Do you have any that can work in this theory? Thanks

Yes a foot throttle can be installed on the Razor Dune Buggy electric go kart. Of course foot throttles do not have battery power indicator lights on them so that feature would be lost however we have do have Handlebar Mount Battery Power Meters if you still want to keep that feature on the kart.

The Razor Dune Buggy with 4-wire throttles have red, black, green, and yellow throttle connector wires on the controller side. The red, black, and green wires are for the throttle and the yellow wire is for the battery power meter.

I checked our Foot Throttles and each one has different color wires however there are wiring direction for each foot throttle that indicates what the function of each wire is for.

Back to the Dune Buggy's controller, its throttle connector wire functions are:

  • Red = +5 Volts Output for Throttle
  • Black = Ground
  • Green = Speed Control Signal (1-4 Volts)
  • Yellow = +24 Volt Output for Battery Meter

The functions of any of our foot throttles can be matched to the functions of the controller to make them work together. The controller's Yellow battery meter wire does not have to be connected to anything in order for the controller to work.

Also, for a small fee ($3.00) we could attach a plug-and-play connector onto any of our foot throttles that would plug right into the Razor Dune Buggy's controller.

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