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Razor Dune Buggy Speed Upgrade

I have a razor dune buggy that i would like to get 15 to 20mph with. i have read days and days of forums. i am still very confused. i would like to spend under $200 + batteries. some minor changes like a new charging port and voltage meter I think i could wire up if i had to do a 36 volt setup but i am hoping i could stay at 24. is that possible? If some one could tell me what parts to buy i would be very grateful. My son is only about 65lbs so weight is not a problem. thanks


the motor i have is 2500 rpm rated. i read a forum topic called "Razor MX650 Upgrade To 1000 Watt Motor". a switch was talked about to go between 36 and 48 volts. how would this work with the motor controller? i thought maybe this could be solution for me. using a button possibly  as extra power (36 volt)during take off or climbing hills and 24 volts for cruising. possible??

When a switch like that is installed which increases the Voltage it has to be used with a controller that is rated for the lower Voltage. For example if on a 24 Volt system a third battery was installed and a switch was used to switch between 24 Volts and 36 Volts then a 24 Volt controller would need to be used because a 36 Volt controller will not operate on 24 Volts (there is an exception to this which is to use a variable Voltage controller such as our item # SPD-601000A).

When an switch is installed that changes the Voltage of a battery pack then the battery pack needs to have two charger ports and be recharged with two battery chargers that are different Voltages. With a 24/36 Volt battery pack setup it would require one 24 Volt charger, and one 12 Volt charger.

Most single Voltage speed controllers can handle being overvolted by 12 Volts, however this is getting into custom modification territory so there is no guaranty that any particular controller will be able to handle being overvolted. It would just have to be tried to see if it works or not.

Yeah the weak link will be that old controller. upgrade the controller and you will get the torque

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