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elk game cart

 looking to build a game cart to move elk and deer out of the woods, making the frame is the easy part, need to figure out options for the wheels, sprockets or axle, what size elec motor, number and type of batteries, carry capacity would be 500lbs. max walking speed.  thinking 3 or 4 wheel set up.  if possible would like drive on 2 wheels.  needs some torque moving up hills over logs etc.

For the wheels you might want to check with online go kart parts stores. They will have wheels, axles, bearings and all the other parts needed to make a rolling chassis.

Once the wheel size of the cart has been determined then we can help with calculating the gear ratio so the cart has the desired top speed and torque that you want it to have.

Once the gear ratio is determined then we can help with selecting the right size motor, batteries, charger, etc. for the electrical system. We can even make a pre-wired kit out of all of these parts so everything will plug together right out of the box.

We would need to know the wheel diameter in order to start this process though so the first step would be to determine which wheels will be used for the project.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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