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Razor Ground Force Drifter Double Speed

 I built a Razor GFD with a 24v 750w motor for my son. It was a little faster and had lots of torque.

I want to build a Razor GFD that will go double the speed. I'm willing to replace motor, controller and thumb throttle. I would prefer a 24v solution vs. 36v and adding a third battery mostly due to space constraints on the Drifter.  However, if a 36v is far superior I'm sure I can figure out how to package it.

What's the best and simplest solution to double speed.

That sounds great. We are looking forward to seeing photo when it is finished.

I need a charger port that plugs into the controller.


The SPD-36100 controller does not have a plug for a charger port. The reason for this is because it uses an external power switch or contactor, so if it had a charger port plug then the battery pack could not be recharged when the power was off.

When installing the SPD-361000 controller the charger port needs to be wired directly to the battery pack.
On the Drifter port there are 3 wire connectors. I forgot to write down each wire before disconnecting. Which is hot, neutral, and what is the 3rd?


On Razor electric scooters and virtually all other brands only two of the three charger port terminals are actively used. They are terminal 1 which is positive, and terminal 3 which is ground. There should be tiny numbers molded into the front or back side of the charger port however sometimes these numbers are so small it is difficult to read them. Here is a drawing showing what the terminal numbers are and where they are located on the charger port.

Yeah, I converted my kids drifter from 24volt to 36 and did find that the highest motor with mount was the 500 watts. Originally I just added a battery and the new 500 watt motor. The thing totally lagged. It was the controller. Once I replaced it with a Currie 1000 Watt Controller it gained the torque and extra speed from the higher RPM. For the mounting, I just used a piece of laminate flooring and mounted that to the frame and I was able to drill holes in that to accommodate the holes for the motor and I went to Lowes in the framing section and got some mounts for the batteries. The electric go carts are great for the neighborhood, kids can drive them without upsetting the neighbors. I'd love to upgrade it to 1000 watts but haven't quite figured out how I would mount it

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