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Building a beach cart from a razor dirt quad

I have built a beach cart out of a razor dirt quad and would like a 9 tooth motor sprocket to go with my 44 tooth axle sprocket. The cart goes 9 mph with my 175 lbs on it but I would like more torque and less speed for hills and sand dunes. I have 13.5 inch tires also.

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The razor dirt quad has a 24v 350w unite motor my1016z3. I would like to have full throttle be 4mph or so.....but with lots of torque. Is there a sprocket that will fit my motor that will be a 9 tooth. Or would it be easier to use a different chain and different sprocket sizes that will get my 4mph. I am open to any options.

We do not have a sprocket for 8mm chain that fit the Dirt Quad's motor except for the original 25 tooth sprocket.

However we do have a 9 tooth sprocket that will fit the Dirt Quad motor that is for #410 (1/2" x 1/8") bicycle chain. 

We can custom make a sprocket for either 8mm or #410 chain that fits onto the Razor Dirt Quad rear axle. The rear axle's sprocket hub has an F4 mounting pattern and just about any size sprocket for 8mm or #410 chain can be custom ordered with an F4 mounting pattern from this page:

A 36 tooth sprocket for 1/2" x 1/8" bicycle chain which along with the 9 tooth motor sprocket would provide the right gear ratio for a 4 MPH top speed. 

Here are part numbers and links to these parts:

36 tooth sprocket for #410 (1/2" x 1/8") chain, item # SPR-41036F4:

9 tooth sprocket for #410 (1/2" x 1/8") chain, item # SPR-4109R1:

#410 (1/2" x 1/8") bicycle chain and master links:

Hi Adam, I am thinking of building a beach cart from a razor dirt quad. I have some questions if you could take some time to share your experience it would be greatly appreciated. I have found a quad that is in great shape. My one real concern is the steering. Right now the steering is done through the handle bars. However when the wagon bed goes on, ris there a way to attach the handle on the front axle linkage and steer from there? If your cart is complete, are you satisfied with the results and would you do anything different.
I am happy with the cart as i have configured it. But i will be making changes regarding where and how the steering is laid out. I order to have te steering function properly i attached the steering off of the original handle bar mount. It does get in the way of cargo capacity on the cart but it should be sufficient for now.
The steering bar is made from a aluminum walking cane i found at Walmart for under $10. It is attached to the steering neck with a 7/8 handle bar with the bars cut off. I also ordered a reverse switch and installed the 36 tooth axle gear and 9 tooth motor gear to get 4 mph max and TONS more TORQUE. It was not and easy task mounting the rear sprocket. You have to cut the hole in the sprocket so it will fit on the original axle hub. Then drill and bolt it on. Mine went perfect....but i got lucky.

Hello,  I am looking to do this conversion also. I am wanting to set this up to haul a fishing Kayak.  The Kayak is 14ft long with a trolling motor set up.  Fully rigged I am looking at roughly 160 lbs.  I would also be doing the conversion mentioned above to increase the torque and reduce top speed.  Do you think this setup would be capable of hauling a Kayak of this length and weight through the sand?  Are you using the stock tires or did you change them out to a balloon style tire.  Steering is going to be an issue if I move forward with this due to the length of my Kayak, not sure how to set that up yet.  I did see a remote control conversion kit that seemed like it would work well but I have to do some more research on that idea.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  

Hi Todd, I'm new to this myself. I should be getting my kit next week. I did not see the message because it went to my email trash. The only thing I can say is that talk every single point through before doing anything. My mistake was not doing that. I had some preliminary discussions and than went and had the wagon made. After the wagon was made, things arose that made me have to change my design. This just adds to the cost of the wagon. So get everything talked through first. List everything out with the techs and start developing your design. Live axle or single wheel drive. Do you need reverse? Do you need a freewheel function? All these thing effect one another so have you ducks lined up and have all your answers before you move forward. I am doing to use the stock tires. I think they will be fine. If not I can always change then. Hopefully they will be fine because the cost of the balloon tires is very expensive. As for the handle. If your not comfortable with the remote control steering there may be another way to do this. You can make a short handle (about 2' long) just a straight pipe. Put a bracket at the end of the 2'long pipe so that you can attach another pipe. This way you can steer from the side of the kayak. Hopefully my kit will arrive as planned and I can get to fabricating the last piece. After that I have to construct some boxes to store the batteries and the motor. Then I should be good to go. Good luck. My email is

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