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Increase range on EcoSmart Metro

 I asked a question and have yet not been able to get the answer.

I'm purchasing an Ecosmart Metro friday 7-15. I'll need it to get to work about 7 miles away. I'm in NC so the roads are not all flat.

When my gas scooter was needing a new top end it would not go but about 20 miles an hour going up a half mile slight incline.

What I need is a clear diagram on how to wire 2 battery packs wired in series. Then wire the two packs in parallel.

Here is a  few sentences copied from another article I found on this site.

How to increase range on Razor EcoSmart Metro scooter is the name of article.

----To increase the range of an electric scooter is incredibly simple. All that needs to be done is to install a larger battery pack, or an additional battery pack.

----Two packs of three of the batteries would need to be wired in series, and then those two packs wires in parallel to make a 36 Volts battery pack. I can draw an image showing exactly how to wire this battery pack if you would like.

Here is a drawing showing how to wire two 36 Volt battery packs in series, and then wire those two 36 Volt battery packs in parallel to make a high capacity 36 Volt battery pack.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Will I need to get a new charger, charging port etc...

If you are replacing the three original batteries with six batteries that have the same Ah rating then a charger with double the Amp rating as the original charger would need to be used to recharge the new battery pack in the same time that it recharged the original pack in. If it has a 1.67 Amp charger now then a 3 Amp charger would work as a replacement.

Mixing old and new batteries, and batteries that are different brands together into the same battery pack is not recommended as they will discharge and recharge at different rates and their Voltages will become unequalized which will cause them to be overcharged and undercharged which will lower their lifespan.

The charging port is good for chargers up to 3 Amps so as long as the charger is 3 Amps or less then the existing port will work with it.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

I want to thank you for the good info. I came across a good deal on a Razor e300s and am going to get it instead. I'm guessing the wiring is the same for a 24v high capacity pack, minus 2 batteries.

Will I need to get a special charger to charge it in about 6-8 hours. Will the 24v 3 amp charger on your site with the 3 pin XLR plug work. Once I order it I will wait for your reply before ordering charger from you guys.



Yes a 24 Volt high capacity pack is wired the same as a 36 Volt minus the two batteries.

Our 24 Volt 3 Amp battery charger with 3 Port Inline plug will work on the Razor E300 scooter. The E300 battery charger has a 3 Port Inline plug instead of an XLR plug like the EcoSmart's charger has. Here is what the Razor E300 scooter's 3 Port Inline battery charger plug looks like.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Thanks again for the info. Funds were a little smaller than I thought. I ordered the e300s scooter and supposed to get it Thur. I'll wait till then or following week before I can order anything else. Thanks for all your help.



Hello again,

I ordered 2 12v 7.5 ah batterys. Since they are not exactly the same 7.0 ah, like the batteries that came with it, I'm gonna order 2 more from you guys. The batteries that came with it seem to last a little longer than the 7.5..

Upon opening battery compartment under footboard, I'm thinking that the positive wire that connects into white connector. (shortest red) and the negative connected to other battery negative to same connector, is where the drawing + and - from batteries will be connected.

I also noticed that the stock wiring did not have the + to - connected like the drawing illustrates.

I'm a newbie on all this and would like graphic details please...

So far I've been riding about 3.2 miles to a friends barbershop, and putting it on charge, then walking 2 blocks to catch a bus. instead of having to go up town to transfer bus routes.

It is only 6.4 miles one way.

If I connect + from one battery to - on the other battery on batteries that came stock, then + to + and - to - from existing battery pack to new battery pack and then having a short wire from + to - on the new battery pack. Does that sound about right?

Please let me know if I am on the right track.



Due to the chance of a misunderstanding I could not make a battery pack wiring recommendation from a verbal description, I would need to see a wiring diagram drawing in order to know if the wiring plan was right or not.

If you are installing four 12 Volt batteries to make a 24 Volt battery pack they will need to be installed in a series/parallel wiring arrangement as shown below.

When making a battery pack all of the batteries should be the same age, Voltage, Ah rating, and brand. Mixing different Ah ratings or brands of batteries together in one battery pack is not recommended because one battery may discharge at a different rate than the other, which would result in unequal Voltages between the batteries in the pack. This could result in both undercharged and or overcharged batteries in the pack which would lower the lifespan of the batteries and cause them to need to be replaced earlier than normal.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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