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Electric Scooter and Bike Motor Rebuilding

OK... I started in this group looking for ideas to get a used crazy cart running.  I started doing some meter testing and eventually I ended up checking the motor.  I opened the motor to test with the meter.  

1st question and if I don't get an answer here the rest of the trouble shooting questions don't matter.  

When I took the motor apart to get to the electrical connections the spring loaded magnets popped out.  How the heck to you compress those springs and magnets to close the motor back up?  Too many hands in a small spaced needed.  There has to a trick to it.  I'm handy but, not an electrical guy.  Thanks.

Hi Timothy, the Razor EcoSmart uses a motor that is unique to it so we are not sure what size brushes it uses. If you could measure the brushes and let us know their dimensions in millimeters then we could check and see if we have or can get brushes for it.

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