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Remove kickstart safety feature on e100 and e175 Razor electric scooter


I was just given an E100 and an E175 Razor scooter. My son is admittedly a little young for it still but I'd like to make it a little easier to ride for him. He's very used to non-powered scooters so he's got the balance part down. I'd like to remove the minimum speed requirement before the throttle engages. What parts would need to be replaced or modified to make it start moving from a stand still? 

I've found one other post on this forum that mentioned replacing the controller. I believe he was trying to remove the kickstart feature and give it a variable speed control though.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

ESP thank you for your help,I was able to sort out the power issue, works like a charm. Includes some pictures of the wiring. Kenny, Thank for interest in go kart, although I warn you I have never build one before nor do I know how to. It was trial and error but I love the way it turned out. Same here I used razor E175 guts with ESPs new plug and play KIT-RAZ21 with variable speed, works great. I have included some pictures, let me know if you have any questions
(2.73 MB)
(2.25 MB)
(1.08 MB)
(1.05 MB)
(2.56 MB)
(3.48 MB)
(1.18 MB)
Couple more 
(2.58 MB)
(2.41 MB)
(2.33 MB)
And video of KIT-RAZ21 operating
Thanks for that Krash, pictures look great, doing the same as youve done using the front of the scooter cut at an angle for the steering column. Do you any pictures of the rear axle disassembled? Struggling to find any axles that fit with such a narrow width kart and dont really wanna go dead axle. With the upgraded throttle and controller does it still brake ok? Also does it pull away alright? Thanks again Kenny
Kenny, I had to cut the 960mm axle to accommodate size I needed. It pulls pretty good, had to modify the motor sprocket to make it work with #219 chain and axle sprocket. As far as braking, I Ain’t got one yet lol, might end up going with hydraulic brake, it’s still Work in progress. Don’t really have pictures of it disassembled but I can take it apart and snap couple of pics, since it needs to be painted anyway.

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