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Remove kickstart safety feature on e100 and e175 Razor electric scooter


I was just given an E100 and an E175 Razor scooter. My son is admittedly a little young for it still but I'd like to make it a little easier to ride for him. He's very used to non-powered scooters so he's got the balance part down. I'd like to remove the minimum speed requirement before the throttle engages. What parts would need to be replaced or modified to make it start moving from a stand still? 

I've found one other post on this forum that mentioned replacing the controller. I believe he was trying to remove the kickstart feature and give it a variable speed control though.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for late response. I have received the battery charger adapter and it work perfect thank you very much for your help. Is there any motor upgrades that are much more powerful and can support heavier loads that will work with RAZ-KIT21? -Krash

The controller in RAZ-KIT21 can be used with motor up to 250 Watts. The Razor E100 and E175 original motors are 100 Watts so a 250 Watt motor would have more than twice as much power. We are not sure how to go about mounting a 250 Watt motor to the E100 and E175 scooter though so that is something that would need to be figured out. 

:) I am not worried about mounting it to the scooter. Everything is currently being used on the go cart for my 3 year old. So 250watt is the highest RAZ-KIT21 can support? Can you please provide links to motors that are compatible with it. Thank you.

The controller in RAZ-KIT21 is designed for a 250 Watt motor, however, a larger motor such as 350 or 500 Watts could be used with it and would act as if it were a 250 Watt motor until the controller was upgraded to a 350 or 500 Watt controller. 

A good choice for a 250 Watt motor is MOT-24250X2650, 350 Watt motor is MOT-24350X2750, and 500 Watt motor is MOT-24500X2500B. All of these motors are sold on our  24 Volt Motors page. 

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