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Wiring diagram

 Can i get a wiring diagram for # SWT-154. I have two separate circuits for two motors and i want to turn all the motors on at the same time. Each motor has its own 24 Volt power source.

To accomplish the task of simultaneously switching on and off two motors with two power sources that are isolated from each other SWT-156 would be a better choice than SWT-154 would because it has two positions instead of three position, so there would not be an unused position. Here is a wiring diagram showing how to wire two separate circuits to SWT-156.

The wiring diagram above would also work with SWT-154.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

I have switch SWT-160 can it work the same as SWT-156?. SWT-160 and SWT-156 look identical.

So i hope the circuit you have drawn for me works with the brush less motors MOT-B2440024?


Are the terminals correct as connected
(155 KB)
Yes it will work the same, SWT-156 and SWT-160 are identical except for the printing on the rocker lever.

These switches are commonly used with both poles bridged together to switch one 24 Volt 400 Watt motor. Using one of these switches to switch two 24 Volt 400 Watt motors is a more of a load than they are designed for.

You might want to consider using two of these switches, one for each 400 Watt motor. Or using one of these switches to control two 24 Volt relays, one relay for each motor. We have 24 Volt relays with Amp rating between 40 and 100 Amps on this page:

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Yes the terminals are correct as the connections are shown on your attached image.

Hey I just realized that these switches are used on the IZIP I-1000 electric scooter which has a 1000 Watt motor. So it should be okay to use with two 400 Watt motors as the wiring diagram above shows. Sorry for the incorrect information in my reply from yesterday. Sometimes an extra day helps me remember more than I could the day before.

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