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X-Treme® X-600 Electric Scooter over voltage shut-off

 hi yall skooter duders and dudets

can any body help me i have a X-Treme X-600 Electric Scooter and i tried to add 12 more volts to the 36v 500w system making it 48v (duh) to increase the speed of it. but when i turn the power on it lights up them right away lights go out and nothing.

there is no standard circuit breaker visible, my guess its in the switch or power indicator. any ideas , i would still like to use the convenient switch and lights on it .


I am not sure if only the lights have stopped working, or if the scooter's motor has also stopped running with the 48 Volt battery pack. If the lights first illuminated and then turned off that might be from applying too much Voltage to them which burned them out. If this is the case then they could be replaced with 48 Volt bulbs.

If the entire scooter stopped running then it could very well be a fuse or circuit breaker, and less likely to be the power switch. It is my understanding the the X-600 scooter uses a 25 Amp blade fuse for circuit protection. This fuse would be somewhere in the wiring harness under the footplate.

The 25 Amp fuse is designed to blow during an severe power overload. The 36 Volt 500 Watt motor runs at 13.89 Amps when it is pulling 500 Watts, however it can use more than 500 Watts intermittently such as when climbing up short hills or steep driveways, which is why the fuse is rated at 25 Amps. However when a 36 Volt 500 Watt motor is ran at 48 Volts its effectively becomes an 880 Watt motor and its RPM also increases by around 25 percent which puts more of a load on the electrical system at lower speeds and when traveling uphill. Chances are that at 48 Volts the fuse would need to be increased to around 30 or 40 Amps in order to keep up with the new amount of power draw. If the fuse is increased to 30 Amps make sure that the wires between the batteries and controller, and controller and motor, are at least 14 gauge, and with a 35 or 40 Amp fuse these wires need to be at least 12 gauge.

thank you ,That is a great check list of knowledge, you nailed it that almost exactly how i have it set up, the 30A fuse is between the 3rd and 4th batteries in the series with a new 14 gauge wire and new connectors and i changed the controller to a standard 36V 800W with my own switch for now it just is floating around the deck. because when ever i plug in the original mounted switch and turn it on like i said it just lights up and kaput nothing. with the switch i add no problem it is super zippy and climbs 50 , 100 yard moderately steep inclines no problems, i would just really prefer to use the stock switches you know do to  my state and local restrictions "nudge nudge wink wink say no more". and stock these thing and how can i put this EMBARRASSING for a grown person to ride. i attached the wiring diagram if you want to check it out. thanks again.   

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