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Razor Scooter Upgrade Suggestions

Hi everyone,

I wanted to see if some of you can help me out.  I bought my daughters the Razor E300 and after a couple of months the motors are burning out.  We live in a area with a lot of hills.

I want to upgrade the motor so it handles hills better and gives them some better speed, but really only around 20mph would be enough.

Can you suggest what items I would need to customize this?  I'm not very skilled at this too; is it something I can do by myself or would I need to bring this into a shop?

Thanks for your help!

Upgrading the scooter to climb hills without burning out the motor and to increase its speed to 20 mph would require a much larger motor and controller than it has now such as something in the 750 to 1000 Watt range. This size motor would deplete the size of battery pack that could fit inside a Razor E300 scooter much faster than the 250 Watt motor that is in it now does. If it has a 20-30 minute ride time now then it might only have a 5-10 minute ride time with a 1000 Watt motor and the same size battery pack. Installing a larger motor could also cause motor fitment issues where the frame might need to be modified and made longer or with a different motor mount to fit the larger motor. This type of modification would most likely require the services of metal fabrication shop and also possibly a shop that works on electric scooters if they would agree to take it on.

An easy fix to solve the problem of the motors burning out from going up a lot of hills would be to install a larger sprocket on the rear wheel along with a longer chain. This would make the scooter go slower but it would climb hills better and the motor would run cooler when going up hills so it doesn't burn out. The Razor E300 scooter has a 55 tooth wheel sprocket which could be changed to a 65, 80, or 89 tooth sprocket. The more teeth the wheel sprocket has the better the scooter will climb hills and the cooler the motor will run.

I ran some gear ratio calculations and found the following top speeds for each different wheel sprocket size:

  • Original 55 tooth sprocket = 15 MPH
  • 65 tooth sprocket = 12.5 MPH
  • 80 tooth sprocket = 10 MPH
  • 89 tooth sprocket = 9 MPH

Installing a different size wheel sprocket and longer chain is a fairly easy job because the sprocket is only attached to the wheel with four bolts. You would just need to remove the wheel, install the new sprocket and chain onto the wheel, and reinstall the wheel back on the scooter.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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