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E200 extra 5mph?

Newbie here, hi. I need to replace the batteries in an E200 and would like to do an upgrade while I have the scooter apart. Any suggestions to get maybe an extra 5mph? 

Modifying a Razor E200 electric scooter to go 5 miles per hour faster can be accomplished by installing a more powerful motor and a smaller rear wheel sprocket. Let me check and see if we have any smaller rear wheel sprockets that will fit the E200 scooter and I will reply again with an answer.

Thank you.

I finally had some time to look into this and found that our 47 tooth sprocket for #25 chain item # SPR-2547 will fit the Razor E200 electric scooter. The E200's original sprocket is 55 teeth so a 47 tooth sprocket will increase the gear ratio for a faster top speed. The top speed with a 47 tooth sprocket is around 14 miles per hour which two miles per hour faster than the E200's top speed of 12 miles per hour with the original 55 tooth sprocket. Here are the gear ratio calculations for the 55 and 47 tooth sprockets.

If the rider of the scooter is fairly light weight then a 47 tooth sprocket could be installed on an E200 scooter without increasing the size of the motor.

I know this is only a 2 MPH increase in speed though and your goal is to increase the speed by 5 MPH. If a 2750 RPM motor such as our item # MOT-24350X2750 was installed on the scooter along with a 47 tooth wheel sprocket the top speed would be 15.38 MPH which is getting closer to your 17 MPH goal. Here is the top speed calculation for a 2750 RPM motor and 47 tooth sprocket.

To obtain a 5 MPH or more increase in speed it looks like the 24 Volt motor would need to be overvolted to 36 Volts. Overvolting to 36 Volts would cause the original 2500 RPM motor to run at 3750 RPM as shown in the calculation below.

With a motor running at 3750 RPM the top speed would be 17.91 MPH which is just slightly higher than your 17 MPH goal. Here is the top speed calculation with the motor overvolted to 36 Volts and running at 3750 RPM with the original 55 tooth wheel sprocket.

Overvolting an E200 scooter to 36 Volts would require replacing the 24 Volt battery pack with a 36 Volt battery pack, using a 36 Volt battery charger, and installing a 36 Volt speed controller. Overvolting the motor is more costly and requires more work to modify the scooter than simply replacing the wheel sprocket and chain, however it appears to be the only way to make the scooter go faster than 15 miles per hour.

If you decide to modify the scooter in any of these ways then we can help with choosing which parts are needed for the modification if you would like.

Thank you for all the info. Would a larger wheel sprocket decrease top speed but improve acceleration?

A larger wheel sprocket would lower the gear ratio which would decrease the top speed however improve acceleration and hill climbing ability.

Thanks again.  

You are welcome.
Could you recommend which of your parts to purchase of i too would like to make my e200 faster? I plan to run 36v since im a 200 lbd dude and would like your recommendation on batteries, motor, controller, and sprockets. Thank you

There are no plug-and-play or bolt-and-go parts or kits that will make the Razor E200 scooter go faster so modifying the E200 scooter for more speed requires the custom installation of the parts used to modify it. 

Since the E200 scooter has a 200 Watt motor any motor and controller with a significantly higher Watts rating along with a smaller diameter wheel sprocket and/or larger diameter motor sprocket will make the scooter go faster. 

We carry a 47 tooth wheel sprocket item # SPR-2547 that fits the E200 scooter and can replace its original 55 tooth wheel sprocket. this will increase the gear ratio by 17% for a 17% increase in top speed so long as a motor powerful enough to achieve that speed is installed. The original motor sprocket is 11 tooth and a larger motor sprocket such as a 12 tooth or 13 tooth may be available for the new motor which will further increase the gear ratio by another 9%  to 18% or increase it by that much with the original wheel sprocket left at 55 tooth. 

We do not know the extent that you want to modify the scooter to install the new parts so that is something you will need to determine and then you can find the dimensions of the parts on our website and measure the scooter to determine what will be necessary to install them. 

Here is an example of a 36 Volt 500 Watt electric scooter power kit that we carry which has all of the parts necessary to convert a scooter to 500 Watts:

We also have many more electric scooter power kits available on this page:

Thanks. I'll probably pick thus up soon to get started

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