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Autocross electric Razor Ground Force build from scratch

I just purchased a Razor Ground Force Drift for $15 and I want to get my son into the Kart class with my autocross club. That being said, distance is not the goal but it is available torque, weight savings and traction on a course through cones lasting maybe 50 seconds. I want to utilize only the frame so I am open to the best parts configuration for the goal. I also purchased a used Schwinn s750 24v for $75 in working order. I would appreciate your advice on batteries (lithium?), controllers, tire swap for traction and if the 750 motor is the route or should I just use it for transportation when at the track and look at other motor options (brushes or no). Thx in advance.
Perfect and thank you
Which charger for open ended upgrades? 36v, 48v, etc.

Battery chargers are not suited to battery pack Voltage changes as they are made for charging only one Voltage of battery packs. A 36 Volt battery pack would require a 36 Volt charger, and a 48 Volt battery pack would require a 48 Volt charger. I do not know of any SLA battery chargers with a selector switch to charge different Voltage battery packs. Everyone SLA charger that I have seen is made for only one battery pack Voltage.

Which 36v female charger for 12v 14ah x3?
A 36 Volt 1.6 Amp charger would recharge a deeply discharged 36 Volt 14Ah battery pack (12V 14Ah x3) in around 6-8 hours. If the battery pack was lightly discharged the recharge time would be much faster. For example if the battery pack was only used for a few minutes then it will usually recharge in 15 or 20 minutes with a 1.6 Amp battery charger.

A 36 Volt battery charger up 4 Amps could also be used on a 36 Volt 14Ah battery pack for a faster recharge time. The recharge time will be proportionate to the Amp rating of the charger so a 3.2 Amp charger will recharge a battery pack in half the time that a 1.6 Amp charger will.

Recharging the batteries faster will slightly lower their lifespan compared to recharging them slowly, so it is only recommended to fast charge the battery pack when necessary.
I greatly appreciate your help and I will be purchasing from the site in the short term.

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