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Sprocket upgrade

Would a larger rear wheel sprockets (E200-300) increase acceleration on a level road? 

Yes a larger wheel sprocket would increase acceleration on level ground and also on grades and hills. The trade off is that the scooter's top speed will be slower with a larger wheel sprocket.

The amount that the top speed will be reduced with a larger wheel sprocket can be determined by using our Top Speed and Gear Ratio Calculator.

Would it be a noticeable difference (acceleration)..let's say from 55t to 80t?

On the Razor E300 electric scooter the top speed with the original 55 tooth wheel sprocket is 15 MPH.

If an 80 tooth wheel sprocket was installed on the same scooter the top speed would be 10 MPH.

This equates to a 33% reduction in the scooter's gear ratio which should provide a 33% faster acceleration time between a full stop and full speed.

That's something you would definitely notice. Thanks again for the info.

Regarding the 80t sprocket, any idea if it'll hit the frame (E300)? I read a few ppl had clearance problems. I guess a longer chain is needed too, any suggestions?  Thanks in advance.

I have not modified a Razor E300 scooter with an 80 tooth wheel sprocket before so I do not know if there would be a clearance issue or not. The E300's original 55 tooth sprocket has a 4-1/2" outside diameter and an 80 tooth sprocket has a 6-1/2" outside diameter, so you could tape a 1" x 1" piece of cardboard on the edge of the existing 55 tooth sprocket and rotate the wheel to see if it hits the frame.

I found a photo of the E300 scooter's rear wheel and frame and it looks like there is enough room for a 6-1/2" sprocket however I would check and see just to make sure before ordering the sprocket.

A longer chain would be needed if a larger sprocket was installed. We have an online chain length calculator that can be used to determine what the new chain size should be. Here is a link to it:

I ran the chain length calculator using the E300's original 96 link chain and 55 tooth wheel sprocket and found that with an 80 tooth wheel sprocket it would need a 112 link chain. The calculation shows a 110.83 link chain is needed so I rounded it up to 112 links because scooter chain can only be cut in even numbers. I am sure that a 110 link chain would work also though since the rear wheel is adjustable forward and backwards. Here is the chain length calculation.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

I'll do that tonight :)  Thank you again.

Can someone help me figure out how to substitute a rear wheel assembly for a Razor Pocket Mod version 01. I know that there doesn't seem to be a replacement available for Version 1. My freewheel clutch is worn out. Is there a wheel that will fit from those that are available now? Thanks Chuck

Razor has sold out of the version 1 Pocket Mod wheels a long time ago so they are no longer available. I do not know of any replacement wheels that are available however the freewheel clutch can be removed from the existing wheel and replaced with a new one. We have a guide on how to remove the freewheel clutch on this page:

If I remember correctly the Pocket Mod version 1 freewheel does not have notches and has to be removed as described in the link above. If you notice that the freewheel has four notches though then it can be removed with a freewheel remover tool that we sell on this page:

Here is what a freewheel both with and without notches looks like.


Please let us know if you have any questions.

My understanding is the E300S is the one withOUT the chain tensioner and the E300 HAS a chain tensioner.  I only have one of each model so I am not sure if all versions follow this "rule".  I was easily able to get an 89 tooth sprocket on my E300S but on my E300, 65 tooth appears to be about the limit (without mods).  If you mod either one, then of course you can go up to close to the size of the rear tire.  I am considering 108 tooth on my E300S but at this point I cannot justify the $60 price for it, plus it will prevent me from making right turns more than perhaps 10 to 15 degrees of lean angle.  Not worth it.

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