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Specs on the SWT-154 switch

 I'm going to be purchasing a Razor Dune Buggy in the next week or so and I want to add reverse. I saw that you said this switch will work so I was wondering if you can you give me some specs on your SWT-154 switch.

I need the mounting dimensions to see if it will fit in a plastic project box I have for mounting purposes and to keep hands away from being temped to uplug a wire and I also wanted to know if this switch will work at 36V if I wanted to upgrade from 24V down the road.


SWT-154 mounts into a rectangular cutout that is 30mm high and 22mm wide. SWT-154 will work as a reverse switch with 24 Volt and 36 volt systems however the amount of current that it will carry should be limited to around 20 Amps, which works out to around 500 Watts with a 24 Volt system and 750 Watts with a 36 Volt system. For higher Amp loads a larger reverse switch such as our SWT-715 should be used which is available on this page:


Perfect. Thanks! I'll be using a 450W Currie motor so do you think that switch will work?

And I have a few more questions. Instead of making a new thread I'll just post in this one. I'm wanting to buy a controller, throttle and batteries from you. Below will be my setup;

Controller: SPD-361000B
Motor: Currie XYD-6B2
Battery w/ 36V charger: 3x-10ah OR 15ah - I'd like to fit all 3 in the stock battery location and get 40-45mins of run time. If both will fit approximately how much more run time will the 15ah get vs. the 10ah?
- The 10ah is 5-7/8" long x 2-1/2" wide x 4-5/16" high
- The 15ah is 6" long x 3-7/8" wide x 3-3/4" high

What amp per hour charger do you suggest?


For either the 36V 10Ah or 36V 15Ah battery pack our CHR-36V1.6A charger would work great. Our CHR-36V2.5A or CHR-36V3A battery charger would also work and provide a faster charging time than the 1.6A charger.

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