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Electric mechanic's creeper, drive help request


  Odd on here.

Have a house with a low crawl space, ~2'.

Would like to make something like a mechanics creeper with a small 250-300w motor.

Only thing holding me up is:

1. Finding small wide wheels/tires, as ground is gravel, so need wide footprint.

2. Figuring out whether to go chain or belt.  Belt seems less complicated, noisy.

3. Chain or belt, would like both back wheels to drive, so how would I make an axle? For chain, was wondering if I just weld a sprocket to some round stock?  For belt, same sort of set-up?  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

OK, just found our sprocket page, looks like Belt drive would require a Cog.

If motor were centered under driver, is it possible to place the cog midway between both rear wheels in a live axle?

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