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Mx350 24v stock motor/throttle with 36v contoller?

Will this work?

If the Razor MX350 dirt bike is a version 1-8 then its stock throttle is variable speed type and can be used with any of the 36 Volt controller that we sell. However the battery meter on the MX350 version 1-8 throttle is for a 24 Volt battery pack so it will always show full on a 36 Volt battery pack even when the pack is empty. The battery meter could be left disconnected to disable it though.

The MX350's stock 24 Volt motor can be run on 36 Volts and its power and speed will increase due to it being overvolted. However when ran on 36 Volts it will be prone to running hotter than it does on 24 Volts so its temperature should be monitored during the initial runs of the completed modification to make sure it does not overheat. Voltage does not burn out motors - heat does. So as long as the motor does not run too hot on 36 Volts then it will be okay.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Ok hear we go help . I have a razor 200 . Iv got a 800w36v motor, with a 800w36v controller. Iv got the battery's . So I can do 36or 48 . But going to say with 36 v . But the motor 800w runs on a 8mm pitch & my scotter runs on a 6mm sprocket & chain lol did not see that . This is taking a long time now to mod this scooter. So if I put the 3 battery to make it 36 v . & put the speed controller into the scooter will it run the the 200/250w standard moter. I have the 36v twist grip as well. Can only one help me . Plus the controller if I tell someone the make can u help me wire it up . As there is a lot of wires . Lol also I need a back sprocket that fits the back wheel for the 200 but it's got to be s 8mm sprocket & chain. Any ideas . Petrol scooters have told me to send a template to see if they can match it . I even got a e300 v41 as I got told they was 8mm pitch. But gess what it was not . Any help please
It would be easier to find a #25 (6mm) sprocket to fit the motor than an 8mm sprocket to fit the wheel, so switching to #25 chain might be the best way to go.

If the Razor E200 scooter's stock 24 Volt motor is run on a 36 Volt 800 Watt controller it will be prone to overheating due to its size and the amount of current that it receives. I would opt to use the 36 Volt 800 Watt motor instead.

Hopefully there are wiring directions for the controller that can be used to indicate how to wire it to the other parts that it connects to. If you do not have wiring directions for the controller then if you post a photo of the controller here we can take a look and see if we know how to wire it.
Wow thank u all for replying to me so quickly. This E200 was standard but got bored. Lol, not running it on 36v 800w controller yet. Like I say its standard at mo 200/250w I say that as Iv heard there is controversy Over the true w on them moters. So it's 250/200w and so on. Now Iv got the 800w36v controller & the twister grip with a low & high power led on it. . & got the 800w motor,got 2 new battery's 12v7ah at 1st then got 2more new battery's as I was going to need one more so why not. I thought I would just fit the 3 battery's that's not to hard,Then make up a bracket for the motor to work on top of the scooter & by cutting a hole so the chain can Connect to the back wheel. Did the bracket All was going well . Then I found out I needed bigger sprocket & chain. Got all the bits apart for this sprocket & chain that's stopping me. I payed for a razorE300 complete back wheel as I got told it was a 9"" wheel with a 8mm pitch sprocket and chain. Nop thst did not work. Back the square one again. Iv got all the bits I need apart from this one thing that's stopping and I did think I would have this done in a few days lol . It's been weeks now still running fine as it's got two new battery's and a hole cut in the foot plate at the back wear the chain was going to go. So that's wear I m it with it. U sed change the sprocket on the motor . Is that easier then finding a back sprocket. Plus and one Nos the link on say eBay thet would have one. I am stuck at the mo . Please any help on wear I can get the sprocket. I may need help when it comes to wiring the thing but at mo help with solving this problem. But I was for now going to put one more battery on to it making it 36v but it will for now have the standard motor and I was think of changing the controller to the 36v 800w . But just for fun and a few weeks till I get the sprocket sorted . Do u not think it will not work . So it will be a 36v 250/200w motor 800w 36v controller . or could I get away with using the standard controller but 36v power. Iv even got the 36V charger as well . I really did think this would be running by now. So till I get the sprocket I was going to just see what els I can do for now for fun lol,
This is the controller I got to upgrade the old one . Plight pic with the hole in the foot plate is like what Iv done & how I am going to mount the motor as its to dam big to go under th scooter lol. & I was going to mount the battery like this scooter has been to hold the 3 battery's. What do u all think
(2.32 MB)
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(2.1 MB)
(705 KB)

That controller looks the same as our SPD-36800B controller and we have wiring directions to it at this link:

The new 36 Volt 800 Watt motor might be able to be mounted above or in front of the rear wheel if it is to big to fit under the frame.

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