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Converting Kid's ride on to go fast for adult

Hi there, 

I would like to convert a 12v Mercedes Benz AMG S63 to 36v machine with all the bells and whistles. The intention is to make this machine fast enough and quick enough to allow a 80kilo adult to haul butt so to say. I intend on attaching the car shell to a metal subframe where the mechanics and drive train will be attached. 

36v Motor
Variable speed throttle
Disc brakes if suggested
Rubber tires and rims 
Brake lights and indicator lights
Speedometer if possible
batteries will be sourced locally to save on shipping costs

I hoping you guys can help, looking for a one stop shop with shipping to Australia!


We have 1000 Watt motors that could power it up to around 20 mph and have good acceleration. We can supply all of the electrical parts for the conversion however the wheels, axles, and brakes would need to be sourced from another store that sells go kart parts, as we currently do not sell go kart parts.

I searched online for go kart parts stores in Australia and all of the stores I found specialize in high end racing go kart parts. There are go kart parts stores in the US that sell lower priced recreational go kart parts such as:

Go Kart Supply:

and MFG Supply:

Once you have decided what wheels and tire to use then we can start running gear ratio calculations and figure out what size sprockets are needed to obtain your target top speed. Do you know what the top speed is that you would like the kart to go?

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