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Razor E90 powercore wheel upgrade


Does anyone know if there is a way to upgrade the Urethane front wheel of the E90 powercore to a pneumatic front tyre as on the e100 etc?

The Razor E90 scooter's front wheel has a very narrow hub so I do not think that any rims made for pneumatic tires would have a narrow enough hub to fit into the E90's front forks. I believe that the front forks would need to be modified to accept a rim with a wider hub in order to install a pneumatic wheel. However if anyone else here knows of a pneumatic wheel that would fit the front forks of the E90 scooter then please let us know.

thanks, what all would i need to modify the forks?

Modifying the front forks would require standard metal fabrication tools such as some type of metal cutter, grinder, and welder. If you do not have access to these type of tools then a metal fabrication or welding shop should be able to do the job.

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