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I have a razor e200 standard/50w motor and so on . Am going to put a 36 controller into it with the twist grip 36v . And put 3 battery's. Now the 36v controller is different. Is it a case of as long as I get the power to the motor yellow & blue. & red & black to power from the battery's with the other wires as long as I get the port LEDs & the charger leads right the work the twist grip as there is a yellow wire witch I don't no wear to put it . . I did try befor but lost by nerv but when I did it I only put one battery into the power 12v is that why the controller never made a cliik . Also the two 24 v battery's at mo one lead red Gos to a. Relay and the black as well so it makes 24 v but though a relay. If I do 3 battery's will the standard relay take it. Or pop out . If it pops out can I replace it with a fuse instead . Any help . I have put pictures up of the new controller & the old one . Just need help . With wires on it . Was it a case I got it wire up ok but as only use one 12v battery to see if I got power is did I need all 36 v. Also if I put a switch on the last battery one say the middle one with a jump lead can I put a switch there so I can make it 24 v if I want to X or if I keepet my old controller as its working like new can I put 36 v onto it but uses a switch so going up hills I can use it . So it would be 25w motor on a 24v controller but now and again 36v switching it on. Is it the middle battery u take it from as they r jumper lead . Am I right in and of this
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That 36 Volt controller has a low Voltage cut-off rating of 31 Volts, so it will not give power to the motor if the Voltage it receives less than 31 Volts from the battery pack. In order to use that 36V controller it will need to be ran by all three of the batteries as it will not be able to run off of just two batteries.

A 36 Volt battery pack should be used with a 36 Volt relay, a 12 or 24 Volt relay's coil may overheat at 36 Volts.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Csn I by not use the reley & use fuse in stand
There needs to be a fuse or circuit breaker between the battery pack and controller for overload and short circuit protection. A relay is not needed at all as the controller has a relay built into it which is activated by controller's power lock connector which should be wired to the power switch.
So I don't need the relay but put a fuse at the battery pack . So asking I put the port charger to it from the controller it will not need the relay. I really did think I had it sorted. Trying to match up the wires did tat front he new controller. But I only put one 12v battery to it so may my not the power to turn it all on .. Do u have a diagram of a 36v but make it I vsn trun the switch off one it on 12v any info please
When u say I don't need the relay I did think as long as it had a good fuse it would be fine. But running the fuse from the + that plugs in to the red & black main power. 1st ., Tthe power locks is that the on & off switch . Mine r red & blue . It's the twist grip that's hard . It's got / red / blue: green . Old twist grip had 2 browns & orange it think . But the new controller had the blue /red / green. But the grip has a yellow wire any idea wear that gos. I fill with all them help this site has given me & info I can now finishing this upgrades to my scooter . But please any help in fiting or wear out out the wires on this grip. Looks like now I will have to put a 350 w motor as the 800w one is a 8mm chain & sprocket . Did not see thet coming . So now I need a 350 W motor instead .
Here is a drawing showing how to wire a 36 Volt battery pack.


The power locks connector with red and blue wires goes to the on/off switch.

Twist throttles with two brown and two orange wires are for single speed controllers and the 800 Watt controller that you have is a variable speed controller so they are not compatible with each other. A variable speed throttle with three wires such as our item number THR-35 will need to be used with the 800 Watt controller.

We carry a wheel sprocket for 8mm chain which fits the Razor E200 scooter which is out item number SPR-844B and is sold on this page:

Please let us know if you have any questions.

It's has the 3 wires on the grip that Go's to the 800w controller . Blue/black/red but it also has a yellow one., That iv been told it to make the LED on the twist grip light up . Is that true. Or how much is your twist grip u sell that will work on this 36v 800w controller. Plus do I change the back sprocket on the wheel to say 8mm and 42/52 teeth sprocket. Or put a 6mm sprocket on the motor . What it the best to do
Thank u you really don't no how much help you have given me . I now think I can do this mod . I will order the 8mm sprocket from you for the back wheel of my razor E200 change it from a 6mm to a 8mm . And the 42 teeth will be fun. I can then stay with the 800 motor 36v. I for get the switch I say on 36 like that diagram u sent me. I no how to mount the motor . And will need welding. The Twist grip the old one at the mo has 4 wires brown and so on . But the new controller I am putting in has a blue/ red / black. And the new grip 36v i am putting in also has , blue/black/red plug on the grip and plug on new controller. But on the grip it's got a yellow one . If u can sort that for I am am ready to go for it again. When finished I put pictures up. But so far you been so much help thank u
You are welcome and thank you for supporting our business. Great to hear that you will be using the 800 Watt motor now that we found an 8mm wheel sprocket to go with it. For the throttle with blue-black-red-yellow wires the yellow wire is for the battery level indicator and connects to the red wire on the controller's indicator connector.


Please let us know if you have any questions.
Like I say I am ready to do this with all the help u have given me. Just one more thing. What size amp fuse do I use will a 20amp be ok , am running like u say straight from the last battery.
A 36 Volt 800 Watt controller should have a 35 Amp fuse. Please let us know if you have any questions.
Dam u lot are good . I could not of done this mod if it was not the help you have given me . Thank you so much . I will be mounting the 800w motor soon and when it's all done I put soon pic of the scooter . Thanks again for all the help

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