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48volt 1000watt go kart kit

i was wondering if you could make a kit with this size motor for a old small racing gas go kart frame?

Yes we can make that kit for a racing go kart frame. Do you know what Ah rating of batteries that you would like included with the kit?

no, whatever will last awhile. 

A 12Ah pack should last around 30 minutes at full speed, a 15Ah pack around 45 minutes, a 22Ah pack around 60 minutes. These ride time estimates are on relatively flat ground at full speed all the time, slower riding will significantly increase the ride time. We also sell 35Ah and 55Ah batteries for even longer ride times. What are your thoughts on the minutes of ride time that you would like the go kart to have?

22H Will be ok. only problem i see is a sprocket setup? any other way to contact you besides this forum. i have limited access to internet due to my location thanks 

Our SPR-3510A 10 tooth sprocket for #35 chain could be bored out to 12mm to fit the 1000 Watt motor. Go kart wheel and axle sprockets for #35 chain are a common size so if you have or can find a #35 sprocket for the wheel or axle then that might be the best solution for the sprocket setup.

We can be reached by phone at 1-800-908-8082 during our business hours which are 8am-5pm Pacific Time Monday-Friday.

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