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Easiest way to increase speed on Razor quad 500?

What's the easiest way to gain 3-5 mph on a razor quad 500. It is already 36v with a 500w motor. It goes a max of 12 mph, would like between 15-17 mph. Would increasing sprocket size by motor work? Adding another battery to make it 48v? (What would that all intake?) Increasing motor size? (Current motor is MY1016Z3 500w, looks to be a gear reduction motor) (Would replacing it with a MY1020Z 750w work?)
Increasing the motor sprocket size will create a higher gear ratio which will allow the quad to travel faster if the motor has enough power to handle the higher gear ratio. You could install a larger sprocket on the motor and test the quad to see if it goes faster to see if this method would work with the current motor.

Adding another battery and overvolting the motor to 48 Volts would increase the motor's power and RPM which would definitely make the quad go faster, however the drawback of overvolting is that the motor might run hot at the new higher Voltage which may or may not cause it to eventually burn out. Overvolting the Razor Dirt Quad to 48 Volts would require adding another battery to the battery pack (or preferably installing four new batteries), installing a 48 Volt controller - or using the existing 36 Volt controller and seeing if it can handle being overvolted, installing a throttle with 48 Volt battery level indicator if you still want the battery level indicator to function, and purchasing a 48 Volt battery charger.

Increasing the motor size and installing a larger motor sprocket and or smaller axle sprocket is the best and most reliable way to increase the Dirt Quad's top speed. A MY1020Z gear motor with a higher Watts rating than the existing motor would work as long as there is enough room to mount it on the vehicle.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

I am looking for the same thing.  I would like a 750 or 800 watt motor and controller to go with it.  I would also need to get a new throttle if these would not plug into the existing one.  Any ideas of what to get?

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