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This motor for Razor E300 upgrade?

Hi, I have taken old motor out of my Razor e300. I'm upgrading to 36v 500w. Is this the correct motor I have provided in the image? Also how much is shipping to UK please?
Motors that are the same size as our 36 Volt 500 Wat motor with mounting base (MOT-36500X2500B) have successfully been custom installed on Razor E300 electric scooters. These type of motors have been installed both above and below the frame as shown below.


The shipping cost for shipping an order to the United Kingdom depends on the delivery address and selected shipping method.

To calculate the shipping rate for your order add the items that you want into our online shopping cart. Then select your Country, State or Province, and Zip or Postal code and click on the green "Recalculate" button. After the shopping cart recalculates a drop down menu will appear with "Click Here To Select Rate" written in it. Click in the drop down menu and select the shipping option that you want to use. The shopping cart will then recalculate again and add the chosen shipping option rate to the order and display the order total including shipping.

 Please let us know if you have any questions.

Lot of work not just fit it and away u go

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