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Wiring voltmeter 48v setup

How should I wire with a 48v setup?

The Voltmeter should be wired so that it turns off when the power or key switch is off, otherwise it will drain the battery pack when the vehicle is not being used. If the controller has an indicator or power light connector it should be attached there, otherwise its positive lead could could be connected to the power or key switch's output wire.

What are the low battery thresholds for 36v and 48v?
Are you referring to our item numbers MET-W36V and MET-W48V Voltmeters?
Actually MET-120V. I was wondering what the low voltage threshold is for recharge time for 48v setup and for a 36v setup so I know when to stop as not to kill the batteries. Thx.

Here are the standard low Voltage thresholds for sealed lead acid battery packs:

  • 12 Volt - 10 Volt Low Voltage Threshold
  • 24 Volt - 20.5 Volt Low Voltage Threshold
  • 36 Volt - 31 Volt Low Voltage Threshold
  • 48 Volt - 41 Volt Low Voltage Threshold
  • 60 Volt - 51.5 Volt Low Voltage Threshold

Most electric scooter, bike, and go kart speed controllers are engineered to shut down once the battery pack Voltage reaches these low Voltage threshold levels. However some speed controllers are designed for a range of different battery pack Voltages so they do not have low Voltage protection built into them. For these types of controllers without low Voltage protection the low Voltage threshold levels listed above should be used to determine when to stop using the vehicle so the batteries do not become damaged.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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