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Running Two Electric Motors with One Chain to the Rear Wheel

Can u run two motor if I was to run a 350w motor & a 250 w moter off 24v one on top & the other underneath is there any benefits to doing this . Run it off the same chain

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Would this work or I can make ur work . But what's the benefits to doing this . Just seeing about other mod's
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Installing two electric motors together with one chain will result in an increase in power equal to the combined power of the two motors.

Although I recommend to use two identical motors when doing this, in your case the two motors in your photo are very similar in power and RPM so I think they will work fine together. The two motors will need to have the same Voltage rating which I am fairly certain that in your case they do.

This two electric motors on one scooter modification has been done by our customers many times with great results.

One is a 200w 24v & the other is a 350w do it will work yes
Yes I think it will work fine because both of those motors should have the same or very close RPM specifications.
Nice :) thsnk u
Here is a non-copyrighted photo that I found on another forum of an electric scooter that someone has modified to have two electric motors.


That's cool . If I was to do it as it not that hard would the battey run down very quickly or about the same that's on 24v . Or I can use the switch to trun it in to 36v as its moving

Two motors would probably run the batteries down twice as fast as one motor would if the scooter was ran at full power most of the time. If you make a switchable 24/36 Volt battery pack the Voltage could be switched when the scooter was moving, I would recommend to let off the throttle for a second when switching the Voltage though.

Thank for that as u no the only controller that work is this standard 24v razor one , just wished it would run on 36v . If I could take the limit off I would . But if I have to use this controller to do the 36v & have to use the switch I will . I do have a 36v charger . Is there no way I can use that or do I have to use two chargers . Like I say trying to get the 36v controllers to work on my scooter is not going well . So using this 36v 800w motor I got well I can not see me using it now . So by saying with the 24v motor but use two of them , then switch it to 36 when needed my be the way to go . If it all works well with running the two 24v motors on this standard 24v razor controller & using the switch works fine I could take the two moter off and fit the 800w 36v moter to it . As it will run on 24v then just switch it up to 36v. Mmmmm I don't no . Just wished the controllers had worked . But I am not bying any more . If I do the two moter mod . So 250w plus 350w both 24v . It will be fast I take it . Then switching to 36v overvolting them both that's got to be quicker then the one 800w 36v I would think . Am I right about that .
All done with switch to go from 24v to 36v sweet a
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Dam this is fun . I can see why members overvoult things . It's unreal that a 350w motor at 24v out it to 36v & it's s 700 w motor . I can only think what a 1000w moter 24 v or 1000w 36v pumped up to 48v or more , that's mad . Plus as I can not run a 800w 36v motor on a 24v Conroller as soon as I go from 36v to 24v the controller will cut off . As I think they run on 32v if it's a 36v. But Iv used 3/4 of them now and not one of them work . So I just left it with the standard controller & when I need more power I switch the switch and from 24v to 36v just like that . Not bad going from a 11mph 200w scooter . to a 18mph : 22mph with a 600w 24 v two motors , & it's quick . I am so happy with this . And when I had a bike next to me the other day I was in 350w mode & as he tryed to pull away from me u pushed it up to 36v 1100 w & I was gone . If I had gone for a razer e300 then all I had to do would be the back sprockets from 14mph. & would of gone 18 /20 mph with no probelm , Then change the 300w to a 350w or 500w 24v & pushed it up to 36v wow with 10" wheels on the razor e300 you would be flying , I may be thinking that the next move . I may do

i have a 500 lb go kart .would like to use two motors and one controller . can i use two 750 watt motors and a 1500 watt controller ?  can i go bigger than that ? can you sell me a kit with all these parts ? thanks for your support .

Yes, two 750 Watt brushed motors can be run off of a single 1500 Watt controller. You can go bigger by running two 1000 Watt, 1600 Watt, or 2000 Watt motors off of two controllers and wiring a single throttle to both controllers.

We can make a kit with all of the parts you need. Do you plan to use the motors so one is spinning clockwise and the other counterclockwise, or will both motor spin in the same direction?

thanks for the help. i think i would like to use two 48 V  1000 watt motors with a single 2000 watt controller .    i do plan to mount these motors face to face so they will need to run in opposite directions . I think i need at least # 35 chain . if this sounds OK let me know how i go about ordering this kit .thanks again .

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