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Running Two Electric Motors with One Chain to the Rear Wheel

Can u run two motor if I was to run a 350w motor & a 250 w moter off 24v one on top & the other underneath is there any benefits to doing this . Run it off the same chain

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The 1000 Watt brushed motors are designed for running in the clockwise direction when the vehicle is moving forward. If one brushed motor was run clockwise and the other counterclockwise they would not run at the exact same speeds. If you could design it so both 1000 Watt brushed motors could run clockwise that would be best. 

For two motors mounted face to face or back to back brushless motors are what we recommend because they run at the exact same speed in both directions. 

Would you be able to run both 1000W motors clockwise, or be able to use two 48V 1600W brushless motors mounted face to face for the project?

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